Management Information Systems

Management Information Systems is about applying information technology to manage and analyze operations and solve business problems. MIS students learn about business processes and analyze how to improve processes using IT. MIS graduates leave the Bachelor of Commerce program with superior skills in project management, communications and leadership.

Organizations of all sizes require employees with knowledge in IT. What makes the difference is an employee who knows not just how to implement an IT system but how to use it to solve business problems. MIS students are trained to be managers in an organization who create and manage the IT infrastructure and are often responsible for establishing an organization's technical strategy.

MIS is an area that should be combined with another area of Business study. Effective managers need to know "HOW" to do their job, whether it is in Accounting, Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Operations Management, etc. Through program electives offered in other U of A faculties such as Science and Arts, you can combine MIS with virtually any field.

Why should you combine MIS with another area of study? You make more money and it?s exciting! Employers love students who can combine deep knowledge in multiple areas, especially MIS. If you are majoring in another area, think about adding MIS as a minor.

As an MIS graduate you will be a problem-solver. Your holistic view will give you the ability to see around corners. You will understand how to attack problems and see solutions where others only see roadblocks. Combining MIS with another area of study makes you stand out from the crowd. Employers prefer to hire students with multiple areas of depth because these graduates are invaluable to the organization. Your adaptability allows you to create a career path that will be unique to your strengths and skills.