Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)

Honors Finance Degree

The Bachelor of Commerce Honors Program provides specialization in a chosen subject, with greater study in depth than is provided in the BCom program, and demands a higher standard of performance. It provides a challenging curriculum for students interested in pursuing research-oriented graduate business studies or interested in working in positions requiring rigorous preparation in higher level business skills.

Finance Specialization

The BCom Honors in Finance program follows the same general program of studies as the BCom with a Major in Finance. Additional required courses include the FIN Honors Essay course, one 600-level FIN course, and various MATH and STAT courses. Various streams such as Accounting, Economics or Math are possible. Please contact the Department for suggested streams.

The BCom Honors program will usually be completed in four consecutive years of study, during the Fall/Winter terms. Student is an Honors program are normally required to complete a minimum of 30 units of course weight each Fall/Winter. Students interested in pursuing a Co-operative Education option must contact the Undergraduate Office for permission before entering the Co-operative Education program.


Application to the Honors program is normally made after the completion of Year Two of the BCom program. However, qualified students in any year are encouraged to apply. Acceptance may depend on whether the students have room in their programs to complete Honors requirements. Students may be required to have completed specific course work in Year Two to be eligible for consideration. Prospective students must be currently in the BCom program, or have been accepted for admission to the BCom program.


For more information on this program, please consult the U of A Calendar and the Finance and Statistical Analysis Department website. Admission information can be found in the U of A Calendar and by contacting the Undergraduate Office.