BCom After Degree Admission Requirements

Students who have completed a four year non-Business undergraduate (Bachelor) degree may add to their qualifications by acquiring business skills through the Bachelor of Commerce program. The University of Alberta School of Business offers an After Degree (AD) option which focuses on Business courses required for a specific major. BCom AD students can choose from 13 majors and are eligible to participate in the Co-operative Education program.

Admission Information

The BCom AD admission requirements are as follows:

1.Recognized undergraduate degree from an accredited university.

Graduation from a four year non-Business undergraduate degree at a post secondary institution recognized by the University of Alberta. Students who have graduated with a Business degree are not eligible to apply to the BCom After Degree program. Students with a three year undergraduate Business degree are not eligible to apply into the BCom AD program.

2. Completion of six required pre-professional courses. These courses must be completed at a recognized university or college.

ENGLISH (6) - Choose two of any junior level (100 level) English course OR *3 ENGL + one of: WRS 101, WRS 102 or WRS 104
ECONOMICS 101 (3) - Introduction to Microeconomics
ECONOMICS 102 (3) - Introduction to Macroeconomics
MATHEMATICS 114 or 154 (3) - Elementary Calculus I or Calculus for Business and Economics I
STATISTICS 161 (3) - Introduction to Statistics for Business and Economics

Please note: The Alberta School of Business may not grant credit for any 1XX course as equivalent to the above U of A courses, as the course may not cover the same content. MATH 114 and STAT 151 will fulfill the Calculus and Statistics course requirement for admission, as long as they were completed within the last 8 years prior to your application to the BCom AD program.

3. Competitive GPA - The GPA is calculated on the most recent Fall/Winter session (September to April) where a student has completed a minimum of 15. If a student has more than 15, all course work taken will be used to calculate the GPA. Calculations are based on university transferable courses and will include failed courses taken during the Fall/Winter session. Repeated courses, if previously passed, will not be included in the GPA calculation. The UofA uses a custom 4-point grading scale and GPAs will be converted to that scale.

Applicants to the BCom AD program are ranked according to their GPA, which is calculated on all courses taken in the most recent Fall/Winter session, providing a minimum of 15 credits were completed from September to April. All qualified applicants are ranked and admitted in order by GPA until the quota is full.

Application Deadlines

June 1, 2020: Deadline to apply for Fall 2020 Admission
June 15, 2020: Official Transcript Deadline

Previous Business Coursework & Residency Requirements

BCom AD students complete a minimum of 45 credits to a maximum of 60 credits in the Alberta School of Business. Depending on previous coursework, a student in the After-Degree program may not be eligible to take certain majors or minors. Applicants unable to meet the minimum 45 credits residency requirement due to previous business coursework, may be ineligible for admission to the BCom AD program. Applicants with a business minor from a previous degree will more than likely be ineligible for admission to the BCom AD program. Students possessing a previous Business degree or equivalent from another institution are not eligible for the After-Degree Program. We encourage graduates with previous Business degrees to look into their option for study in one of the Master's Degree Programs in the Alberta School of Business.

Early Admissions with Conditions

Students are considered for Early Admission with Conditions in April and for Final Admission from June 15 to the end of August. Information on qualifying for Early Admission with Conditions is available in the U of A Calendar . To be considered, you must submit your application for admission and official non-U of A transcript (if applicable) to the Office of the Registrar by February 15.


For more information on the BCom AD program, please consult the admission and program information sections in the U of A Calendar. If you have any questions, please contact the Undergraduate Program Office.