Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)

European Business Studies

We live and work in a globalized economy, but differences in languages, cultures, and laws make doing business across international borders a specialized and challenging field. The Alberta School of Business, through its Centre for International Business Studies (CIBS), and in cooperation with the Faculty of Arts, Department of Modern Languages & Cultural Studies, has developed this innovative and unique major. The European Business Studies major focuses on the economics, cultures, languages, politics, and histories of both western and eastern Europe. Through your coursework and formal study exchanges, you’ll gain the understanding and skills to do business in this important and growing part of the global economy. International firms or Canadian firms with ties to Europe are often looking for students with a functional fluency in a European language, combined with a familiarity with the social, economic, and political structures of Europe.

Students in this major can choose to specialize in one of the following streams: French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Scandinavian (Danish/Norwegian/Swedish), Spanish, or Ukrainian.