Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)

Human Resource Management

Managing people is one of the most challenging and important aspects of business. Developing expertise in Human Resource Management (HRM) will help you understand why people do what they do and how to manage the causes of behaviour. HRM is all about finding the right people, putting them in the right jobs, and keeping them psyched about the work they do. The challenges are huge, and people-related issues are often complex and nuanced. But it's not just about solving problems. It's as much about creating environments and contexts that lead to growth and excellence.

To develop your own capabilities, you will find that many of the HRM courses emphasize the acquisition of explicit and tacit knowledge. This program will train you to diagnose problems, develop solutions, and formulate effective implementation and evaluation strategies for hiring, training, recruitment, and more.

There are many possible career paths for HR professionals, including working as an external consultant, a generalist or specialist in a medium to large sized organization, and at all levels of government. Regardless of where you work, employers, colleagues, and clients will turn to you for strategic advice, clear guidance, and leadership on all aspects of HR.

Graduates of this program can pursue the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation – the highest professional certification for HR professionals.


Sept. 6th, 2017

The Human Resources Institute of Alberta (HRIA) has changed its name to CPHR Alberta (Chartered Professionals in Human Resources Alberta).  

Through, CPHR Alberta, members can obtain a Chartered Professionals in Human Resources (CPHR) designation.  The CPHR is recognized across nine professional human resources associations in Canada and represents 27,000 human resources professionals practicing in Canada.
The Alberta School of Business is developing an accreditation path for Alberta BCom graduates and, if you are interested in the CPHR designation, you may be eligible to have the National Knowledge Exam waived upon completion of your BCom Degree.  To be considered you need a minimum GPA of 2.7 on the following courses:
ACCTG 311 - Introduction to Accounting for Financial Performance
ACCTG 322 - Introduction to Accounting for Management Decision Making
BUS 201 - Introduction to Canadian Business
FIN 301 - Introduction to Finance
MGTSC 312 - Probability and Statistics for Business
SMO 310 - Introduction to Management
SMO 311 - HRM: Managing the Workforce in Canada
SMO 412 - Effective Negotiations
SMO 413 - Rights in the Work Place
SMO 414 - Work Force Planning 
SMO 415 - Staffing
SMO 416 - Performance Management and Rewards
SMO 441 - Business Strategy
Equivalencies will be used, eg SMO 301 for SMO 310, as will courses taken elsewhere that the Alberta School of Business has granted transfer credit in.
 Additional details will be provided when available.