Management Information Systems

Management Information Systems (MIS) is about applying information technology to manage and analyze operations and solve business problems.

Knowledge of information technology is essential to modern management, and majoring in MIS will provide the capability to manage information systems or to assist senior management in its information technology strategy.

Use technology to solve business problems

With a major in Management Information Systems (MIS), you will learn about business processes and analyze how to improve processes using IT. In taking this major you should also develop expertise in at least one other area of business, such as Accounting, Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, or Operations Management. You'll also have the option to take electives offered by other faculties such as Science and Arts, preparing you for employment in virtually any field.

As a major or minor, MIS courses can amplify your career options

If you are majoring in another area of business, MIS  is a great choice for a minor. It's important that managers know use technology to solve business problems in their jobs regardless of their field. Combining MIS with another area of study will make you stand out from the crowd and employers value graduates with multiple areas of expertise.

IT employees are prized by all organizations– but even more valuable are employees who know how to use IT to solve business problems. This major prepares you to become a manager overseeing IT infrastructure and technical strategy. Potential roles include business analysts, strategic technology planners, database administrators, and others, that can eventually lead to the position of Chief Information Officer (CIO).

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