Natural Resources, Energy and the Environment

The Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment (NREE) major provides a foundation in natural resources, energy markets, and environmental issues, and prepares you to address the unique business challenges these industries can present.

A unique major to train for unique challenges

This major, the only one of its kind in North America, builds on the strengths and connections of the Alberta School of Business as well as the province of Alberta's economic and geographic strengths to provide a unique mix of courses in the areas of natural resources, energy markets, and environmental issues.

Gain a broad understanding of the resource and energy industries– from the exploration and project development phases, through extraction and transformation, to transportation, logistics, marketing, and market issues. 

You will learn how to address business challenges like:

  • How can organizations, both private and public, profitably develop and market natural resources while safeguarding the environment and ensuring sufficient resources for future generations? 
  • How will the development of alternative energy sources impact prices in the future and what strategies should energy consumers develop in considering technological investment? 

Gain real-world experience and make valuable connections

NREE has a very active student club, the Commerce Energy and Environment Group as well as the support of the Centre for Applied Business Research in Energy and the Environment. Through these two organizations, you'll have the opportunity to attend seminars and workshops and interact with industry leaders from business, government and the NGO sector, providing real-world experience to the academic learning.

You'll develop a running start in careers in Alberta's vibrant energy, environment, and resource sectors. Graduates of this major are valuable to any organization working either directly or indirectly with the oil and gas, electricity, or forestry sectors, as well as large users of energy resources. Independent of the cycles of the provincial economy, the management of energy, environment and resource issues will continue to present tremendous employment opportunities for graduates in the BCom program in Alberta and elsewhere.

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