Meet Recruitment

The Alberta School of Business Student Recruiters visit high schools and colleges in Alberta and cities across Canada each year to promote the Bachelor of Commerce program. Please consult the recruitment schedule below to see if a Student Recruiter will be visiting your school and area. Please visit the Office of the Registrar's website for more information on U of A recruitment events. If you have any questions or would like the recruiters to visit your school, please email

**Please check back periodically for an updated schedule as we are currently booking additional high school and college visits.**

Upcoming Spring 2016 Events:

Event: Red Deer Information Session
Date: Wednesday, September 21, 2016
Location: Radisson Red Deer
Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Event: Open House
Date: Saturday, October 22, 2016
Location: U of A North Campus
Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm

Campus Visits

Come visit us! Book a Campus Visit and explore our beautiful campus through a current student led campus tour and customize your Campus Visit with a Residence Tour or one-on-one advising. 

High School/College Visit Schedule 2016

St, Albert Edmonton Edmonton Archbishop O'Leary Centre High  McNally  Edmonton
Sherwood Park Sherwood Park Edmonton Sherwood Park
 Tues, Sep. 13  11:40 am Strathcona High   Edmonton
 Wed, Sep. 14  11:40 am WP Wagner  Edmonton                             
 Thurs, Sep. 15  10:45 am Bellerose Composite  St. Albert
 Thurs. Sep. 15  12:45 pm Paul Kane St. Albert
 Thurs. Sep. 15  2:45 pm  St. Albert Catholic  St. Albert
 Fri. Sep. 16
 9:00 am Victoria School of the Arts Edmonton
 Fri. Sep. 16
11:25 am Holy Trinity Edmonton
 Mon. Sep.19 3:00 pm  Old Scona Edmonton
Tues. Sept. 20 9:30 am Archbishop O'Leary Edmonton
Tues. Sept. 20 11:55 am M.E Lazerte  Edmonton
Tues. Sept. 20  2:00 pm Queen Elizabeth   Edmonton
 Wed. Sept. 21 12:00 pm Centre High Edmonton
Thurs. Sept. 22 10:15 am  St.Joseph High School  Edmonton
Thurs. Sept. 22 3:30 pm Jasper Place  Edmonton
 Tues. Sept. 27 9:40 am Mother Margaret Mary  Edmonton
 Tues. Sept. 27
11:50 am Lillian Osborne  Edmonton
 Tues. Sept. 27 3:15 pm McNally Edmonton
 Wed. Sept. 28 11:45 am Harry Ainlay  Edmonton
 Wed. Sept. 28 2:00 pm Louis St.Laurent   Edmonton
Thurs. Sept. 29
11:52 am Ross Sheppard   Edmonton
Mon. Oct. 3 7:00 pm Harry Ainlay Edmonton
Tues. Oct. 4 9:00 am Ross Sheppard Edmonton
Tues. Oct. 4 1:00 pm Archbishop Macdonald  Edmonton
Wed. Oct. 5
1:00 pm  Queen Elizabeth   Edmonton
Thurs. Oct. 6  9:00 am  Holy Trinity  Edmonton
Thurs. Oct. 6 1:00 pm Strathcona High School  Edmonton
Fri. Oct. 7 1:00 pm  McNally   Edmonton
 Tues. Oct. 11 10:55 am St. Francis Xavier  Edmonton
 Tues. Oct. 11 1:14 pm Archbishop Macdonald  Edmonton
 Wed. Oct. 12 10:30 am Salisbury Composite  Sherwood Park
 Wed. Oct. 12 12:25 pm Archbishop Jordan  Sherwood Park
 Wed,Oct. 12 2:00 pm Bev Facey  Sherwood Park
 Tues.Nov. 1  9:00 am Archbishop Jordan  Sherwood Park
 Tues. Nov. 1 6:30 pm Elk Island Event  
 Wed. Nov. 2 1:00 pm Jasper Place  Edmonton
Wed. Nov. 2
 7:00 pm  Mother Margaret Mary  Edmonton
 Thurs. Nov. 3 9:00 am ME Lazerte  Edmonton 
 Thurs. Nov. 3 7:00 pm Archbishop O'Leary Edmonton
 Fri. Nov. 4 1:00 pm WP Wagner Edmonton
 Fri. Nov. 21 7:00 pm St.Albert Catholic St. Albert
 Tues. Nov. 22 1:00 pm St. Joseph Catholic Edmonton