Registration Tips

Are you a prospective BCom student? Confused about what courses to take in your pre-professional (pre-Business) year? Don't worry! We have some tips to help you with your registration.

Bear Tracks

If you are completing your pre-professional studies at the U of A, you will be registering for your courses on Bear Tracks. Bear Tracks can be confusing so make sure to check out the User Guide and watch the video tutorials. In addition, every March and April, the Office of the Registrar, other Faculties at the U of A and the Alberta School of Business organize Registration 101 workshops, online, and in-person. Be sure to attend one of these workshops if you require additional registration help! If you cannot attend the workshop, the presentation and tip sheets are available on the Registration 101 website.

Admission Requirements

All applicants to the BCom program are required to complete one year of pre-professional study in another program. In the pre-professional year, students must complete a minimum of 24 units of course weight (8 courses weighted 3 ucw each), but are permitted to register in a maximum of 30 units of course weight (ucw).

You must complete 18 ucw in required courses (listed below). This means that you must complete 6 ucw to 12 ucw in electives of your choice. It is a good idea to choose electives based on an area of interest and courses that you feel you can do well in, so that you can maintain a competitive grade point average (GPA) in your pre-professional year.

Some BCom majors (such as East Asian Studies, European Studies, International Business, Latin American Studies and Management & Information Systems) require specific non-business electives, such as language or Computing Science courses. These electives may be taken in your pre-professional year. Please consult the U of A Calendar for information on majors in the BCom program.

Some students choose to take the minimum number of courses (24 ucw) in their pre-professional year so they can concentrate on doing well with a reduced course load. However, all first year students can take between 24 ucw and 30 ucw in their pre-professional year. You may want to consult with an advisor in your current faculty to determine if there is a minimum amount of courses that you should be completing in your first year of study. Applicants at another post-secondary institution should speak with an advisor at their institution.

In your pre-professional year, you must register in the following courses which are required for admission to the BCom program:

ENGLISH (6 ucw) - Choose two of any junior level (100-level) English course OR * 3 junior ENGL + one of: WRS 101, 102 or 104
ECONOMICS 101 (3 ucw) - Introduction to Microeconomics
ECONOMICS 102 (3 ucw) - Introduction to Macroeconomics
MATHEMATICS 154 (3 ucw) - Calculus for Business and Economics I
STATISTICS 161 (3 ucw) - Introduction to Statistics for Business and Economics

Studying at Another Institution

Students taking these courses at another post-secondary institution, should be taking university-transferable equivalent courses. If you are attending an institution in Alberta, consult the Alberta Transfer Guide. If you are completing your pre-professional year at an institution in another province or country, you should email the Undergraduate Program Office at for information on course equivalents at your post-secondary institution.

Applying for Admission

You must consult the U of A Calendar for detailed BCom admission information. Ensure that you submit the U of A application for admission form by March 1 in your pre-professional year. Students who apply (and submit official interim transcripts if attending another post-secondary institution) by February 15 will be assessed for early admission. If you are attending another post-secondary institution, your official transcripts and documents are required by June 15. If you are a U of A student, you are not required to submit your U of A transcript.


If you have questions about the BCom program, you can speak with an advisor in the Undergraduate Program Office. It is a good idea for you to check in with our Prospective Student Advisor at some point in your first semester, to ensure you are on the right track in your pre-professional year. If you cannot come to the office in-person, you can send us an email to or call the Undergraduate Program Office at 780-492-5773.