Learning Goals

Graduates of the Alberta School of Business are valued in the workplace and the community due to their exceptional and demanding training in all areas of Business, including the basics of Accounting, Finance, Marketing and Management. But beyond that, they are valued for the skills they have acquired through a variety of core and elective coursework that promotes the Learning Goals of the BCom program. Students are challenged throughout their time in the program to develop skills beyond those required for specific coursework and to use those skills to grow into fully developed professionals.

Business Concepts and Theories

Students will be able to understand and apply concepts and theories from the main functional areas in business and  use analytical and quantitative tools to identify, evaluate and solve business problems.

Entrepreneurial Thinking

Students will develop their ability to think entrepreneurially in order to identify new opportunities and develop  innovative solutions.

Ethical Awareness

Students will incorporate ethical and social principles in making business decisions. Students will recognize common ethical dilemmas, understand the applicable ethical codes, and will be aware of the tools to reduce unethical behavior. 

Business Communication

Students will communicate effectively both orally and in writing. Students will be able to deliver a clear, well-organized  oral presentation on a business topic and create a well-written business document.


Students will be able to work effectively in diverse teams in order to achieve organizational goals.