Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)

Individual Research Project

The Alberta School of Business offers BCom and BBCom students the opportunity to develop an individualized self-directed research project, under the guidance of a full-time continuing instructor in the Faculty and receive credit for the project. Typically, students choose a project that expands on a topic not fully covered in a Business course or develop a project that compliments a Business course.

An Individual Research Project can be an Accounting, Business Economics, Business Law, Finance, Management Science, Management Information Systems, Marketing or Strategic Management & Organization course. 

Only BCom and Bilingual BCom students may participate. Typically approval is granted for one project, but a second project may be approved if it is with a different instructor or in a different area. Projects must be completed within one term and must be submitted to the instructor for a grade no later than the during the last week of classes.

Steps to Take for Spring or Summer 2018 Research Project:

  1. Ensure any pre-requisites are met. Pre-requisites will be listing under the course description of the course in the UofA Calendar. Students should have completed the introductory course in the subject area at the very minimum (i.e. FIN 301 for a Finance Individual Research Project), and it is preferred that students have a solid background in the subject area before proceeding with a project.
  2. Develop a project in conjunction with a full-time continuing instructor from the Alberta School of Business. This instructor will supervise and grade the project. Please contact the Department directly to see who is available in any given term.
  3. Complete the Individual Research Project Form available from the Undergraduate Office. The title of the project will appear on your UofA transcript.  Please do not use the title Individual Research Project. Instead, choose something that reflects the project.
  4. Please submit the signed form to the Undergraduate Program Office a minimum of one week prior to the add/drop deadline, for the term.
  5. The form will be reviewed and if approved, students will be registered in the course as a 495, 496 or 497 course. Tuition for Individual Research Projects is the same as any other 3-credit course offered by the Faculty and is due at the same time and same manner as other courses. Please note: the Undergraduate Program Office will only register students in an Individual Research Project that have been approved through the office.  Do not submit your request at the last minute as your project may not be approved; or, if approved, you may need to make adjustments to your schedule to accommodate the registration. We cannot adjust individual schedules or register students with financial holds.
New Guidelines for Individual Research Projects will be available on August 10th and will affect Fall 2018 and Winter 2019 course registration.  No projects will be reviewed by the Undergraduate Program Office until the guidelines and new registration process are available in August.

Other Research opportunities for Undergraduate Students.

For additional information about other undergraduate research opportunities available at the University of Alberta please go to the Undergraduate Research Initiative.  Their site includes information about available funding for research and offers tips for approaching faculty members.