Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)

Pre and Corequisites

Students must successfully completed pre-requisites courses for all Business courses as they are listed in the UofA Calendar under Course Listings.  This information is also available through Bear Tracks

Students who fail to have the necessary course pre-requisites will be removed from the course when it is audited. If courses are audited after the add/drop deadline, students may be withdrawn from the course in which case the withdrawal will show on the student's record and the student will be responsible for the course tuition and associated fees. Please be aware that Bear Tracks does not check for pre- and/or co-requisites for all courses and it is the student's responsibility to ensure that their registration meets pre-requisite requirements and program requirements.

Business courses that list another course as a co-requisite may be taken prior to or at the same time as the Business course.  

If there is a deferred final examination in a pre-requisite course, BCom students will be permitted to remain registered in the affected courses.  However, if the deferred final examination is written after the add/delete deadline and the pre-requisite course is subsequently failed, students will be withdrawn from the affected courses.