Executive MBA

Executive Coaching

As part of the Executive MBA program, you will have access to our Executive Coaching program.  Our coaching program is a results-oriented process that is designed to drive individual growth, purposeful growth, and sustained performance enhancement.  As part of our Executive Coaching program we have a roster of coaches that bring a variety of styles, approaches and background. 

Executive Coaching Program

Executive coaching offers many benefits, including enhancing your leadership skills and enhancing your overall performance.  With our Executive Coaching program, you'll have the ability to influence the direction of your coaching sessions.  In the past, students have used Executive Coaching to: 

  • Enhance their executive presence
  • Develop a plan and work towards making their vision a reality
  • Navigate challenge work groups and relationships
  • Focus their efforts on strategic decisions without getting pulled "into the weeds"
  • Manage the demands on their time to keep moving things forward

From our roster of coaches, you'll be able to select the individual you best connect with and work with that coach.  You and your coach with engage in a series of confidential interactive conversations focused on an outcome.  Through these conversations and the work in between, the coach (as your trusted partner), engages you to identify and make progress towards your goals.