Master of Accounting (MAcc)

Admission Information

In addition to meeting the CPA prerequisite courses, students will need to also satisfy graduate level entrance requirements at the University of Alberta. 

Entrance Requirements

In addition to meeting the prerequisite course requirements, MAcc applicants are required to meet and submit the following:

  • Undergraduate degree from a recognized post-secondary institution
  • GPA of at least 3.0 over your most-recent 60-credits (typically your last two years of study)
  • Completed course prerequisite form
  • Resume outlining all work, volunteer, and extra-curricular experience
  • One-page Statement of Interest
  • Two references (these can be academic, professional or extra-curricular) - references are encouraged to use our reference letter form.

CPA Preparatory Courses

All MAcc students are required to have completed the courses below.  The specific course names/numbers are different at each institution; CPA Alberta has a list of equivalent courses offered at Alberta post-secondary institutions.

Introductory Financial Accounting
Introductory Management Accounting
Intermediate Financial Reporting 1
Intermediate Financial Reporting 2
Advanced Financial Reporting
Corporate Finance
Audit and Assurance
Intermediate Management Accounting
Performance Management
Business Law
Information Technology

International Applicants

MAcc applicants with education completed outside of Canada are required to submit an international transcript assessment completed by the CPA Western School of Business (CPAWSB) as part of the application package. The requirement to have sufficient training in Canadian accounting, auditing, and tax will not be waived for individuals who have studied similar subjects in other countries. MAcc course materials require existing in-depth knowledge of Canadian accounting standards. 

To find out if your education qualifies for this exception, you are required to have your transcripts assessed by CPAWSB. This can be done by creating a portal profile and requesting to have an international transcript assessment completed by CPAWSB. *Please note it can take up to 14 weeks to have your transcripts assessed.

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