Master of Financial Management

The Master of Financial Management (MFM) delivers the skills and knowledge necessary to be a successful financial management professional at all levels of an organization.

The Master of Financial Management, MFin (Mgmt), is designed for individuals who aspire to the role of Controller, Treasurer or Chief Financial Officer in for-profit private or public sector organizations. The MFM delivers the skills and knowledge necessary to be a successful financial management professional at all levels of an organization.

Why a Master of Financial Management

The program will fully develop your financial management skills. It provides both applied and conceptual knowledge, develops technical skills, integrates them, and embeds them within a strategic focus. In each topic area technical skills are taught from a strategic perspective, so that students make financial decisions within the context of organizational strategy. Thus, the MFin (Mgmt) will help on each step of your path to senior financial management positions while providing the comprehensive understanding necessary to your success when you arrive. It ensures that you have the skills necessary to succeed in a variety of positions within the treasury and controller functions, while building the foundation for the role of CFO. 

Is this Program for You?

The MFin (Mgmt) is targeted toward those individuals who are currently working in finance or accounting and have identified financial management as a career direction. It is aimed at the financial management function that enables organizations to successfully produce and market goods or services, rather than the investment industry itself. The program will complement well the skills of individuals with a CFA or a professional accounting designation. Regardless of background, the MFin (Mgmt) provides an opportunity for professionals and managers to fully develop their financial management abilities; thereby enhancing prospects for success in leadership positions in organizations. 

About the Program

The program requires the completion of 13 courses (39 credits) primarily in advanced accounting and finance.  The courses focus on the controller and treasury functions within the context of overall organizational strategy from the perspective of the CFO.  There will be considerable integration across topics. 

The program requirements include four compulsory courses:  the first is an introduction to the role of the CFO and the accounting and finance knowledge, represented in the controller and treasurer functions, required to be successful.  There are two essential topical courses that no CFO could do without, a risk management course and an investments course.  The final required course would be an integrative capstone course in strategic financial management.  The remaining nine courses would be chosen based upon student preference and instructor availability from a list of 13 courses covering treasury, controller and related functions.