MBA and Master's Programs

Alumni & Corporate Engagement

The Alberta MBA will not only develop your business knowledge and leadership skills, it will help you make strong personal and professional connections that will last a lifetime.  The MBA Career Management Centre will help you foster these relationships with the Alberta School of Business Alumni Network and with the corporate community.

Each month, a group of students will venture around business in Edmonton, spending time at the offices and operational sites of key companies.  This allows students to learn about professional careers and industries, as well as building relationships with leaders and recruiters throughout the city.  

The Career Management Centre also arranges trips to other Canadian centres such as Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver to focus on key industries.  Prior trips have included: 

  • Finance on Bay Street (Toronto)
  • Finance in the Energy Industry (Calgary)
  • Management Consulting (Calgary)
  • Careers in the Retail Industry (Vancouver)

Networking and Development

Our active alumni network and partnership with the corporate community allows us to offer the following networking and development opportunities: 

  • Introductions - As you work with the Career Management Centre, you can gain introductions to key alumni and corporate contacts for conducting information gathering interviews.  These interviews allow you to building your professional network, make a lasting impression on key influencers and learn more about your fields of interest.
  • Networking Events - Each year, we host numerous networking events, including the MBA Connect and the MBAx, which invite large numbers of corporate leaders to campus specifically to showcase our talented students.
  • Mock Interviews - You can meet and receive feedback from interviewers who have MBA degrees or actively recruit MBA graduates.

Mentorship Program

We offer a formal mentorship program, where you are paired with a leader from the local or international business community.  Your mentor is there to provide advice, career guidance and support.

Campus Recruiting

Companies recruiting at the national and global level for MBA graduates source talent from the Alberta School of Business.  Whether through individual corporate information sessions or broader career fairs, you will be exposed to thousands of job opportunities with hundreds of companies.