MBA and Master's Programs

Career Education and Coaching

Through the Alberta MBA, you will receive direct and personalized support from the Career Management Centre.  Our goal is that by graduation, all students have the skills, network and personal empowerment required to manage their career successfully.  To achieve this, we offer the following services to support students in their career development.

Before you arrive, we get you thinking about your current strengths and how you are hoping to grow and develop through the Alberta MBA.  At Orientation, you will establish clear, targeted goals and a strategy on how to achieve them.  This will allow you to optimize your time and experience during the MBA to reach your career goals.  

Within the first semester, you will meet with the Career Management Centre to review your goals and partner with them to develop a strategy to achieve your goals.  Coaching, advice and support is available throughout the MBA to help you stay on track and realize your career goals.

One-on-One Support

Our team brings over 40 years of experience in industry recruitment, leadership development, coaching and career management.  We know what employers are looking for, both because we've been on their side of the table and because we have close ties into industry.  Students are able to receive personalized advice and coaching year round.

Career Management Course and Resources

The MBA Career Management Course prepares you for long-term career success by working on career goals and strategy, networking, personal branding, building tailored job applications and ongoing career management.  You will complete self-assessments to better understand your own personality and strengths to gain self-awareness, support development and make informed career choices.

You will have access to our career management resources, both internal and external, to support your career planning, interview preparation, negotiating job offers and much more.  You will also receive guidance on how to manage your online presence and, for international students, how to transition into the Canadian workplace.

Individual Development Plan

Completion of an Individual Development Plan (IDP) is required for all graduate students across the University of Alberta. After consultation with the Graduate Students’ Association, the University of Alberta is the first Canadian university to implement the professional development requirement, following some Ivy League schools in the US. It’s an exciting new initiative to help you recognize your talents, pursue your interests, learn professional skills and make connections that will help you to excel in your chosen field.

IDP’s are used by professionals to help them achieve their life goals. Your IDP is your career plan, and is intended to be used as a “living” document for you to update regularly as you grow and develop your skills and academic and non-academic career goals. 

Experiential Skill Development

You will learn key career management skills by practising and getting personalized feedback many time throughout the program.  This includes: 

  • Mock interviews with Career Management Centre staff and alumni
  • Mock networking situations to practice engaging with corporate contacts
  • Career Management Boot Camps to get timely, specific feedback on targeted cover letters, resumes and networking efforts

Targeted Goal Setting