Administrative and the MBA Office

Where can I get a copy of the timetable?
An updated copy of the timetable is available on the MBA website.
Do I need to inform the MBA Office about changes in personal information?
Changes to personal information can be made online through Beartracks.
How can I contact the MBA office?
Contact information is available on our website. Although we try to respond to all emails quickly, we cannot guarantee that all emails will be answered immediately. We encourage you to make any time-sensitive inquiries in person or over the telephone.
Who signs my student loan forms?
Student loan forms are signed by the Registrar's Office (Student Connect), which is located in the Administration Building on campus.
When can I register for spring and summer courses?
Information about spring and summer course registration will be sent out over the MBA student's mail list. Typically, registration for spring and summer classes will open during February.
Is parking available on campus?
Parking on the University campus is limited and spots are distributed on a first-come-first-served basis. More information about parking can be found in Parking Services.