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UAlberta MBA Orientation 2018: MBARK 2018

UAlberta MBA Orientation: MBARK

Orientation 2019

Orientation is designed to introduce you to the MBA program, the various services available to you as a student, and to prepare you for success throughout the program.  It's also a great opportunity to meet your peers and start building long-term friendships.  We also include a couple of sessions on working effectively in teams.  
MBArk (Orientation) Schedule 2019 MBArk Detailed Daily Schedules 2018

Get Involved

Groups, clubs and committees within the MBA program play a critical role in enhancing the student experience to the fullest by encouraging students to engage in programming outside of the classroom itself. There are many different ways to get involved.  While you'll have plenty of opportunity to connect and find out more about the student groups at Orientation and during the program, we've put together a brief overview and introduction of the different groups and the students involved in each.
Student Group Lookbook