List of Graduates

These are our graduates, in alphabetical order, from 1989 to date.





Akkoc, Ali Utku
Marketing Fall 2015
MacEwan University
Al-Haji, Ahmad
Finance Fall 2017

Université du Québec à Montréal

Alanis, Ramon     Operations and Information Systems Fall 2012  Government of Alberta
Amerongen, Loretta Accounting Fall 1996 University of Alberta
Anderson, Clarence Organizational Analysis Spring 1996 Blue Mountain Credit Union
Andrews, Julian Organizational Analysis Fall 1999 PriceWaterhouseCoopers
Annett, Michael Human Resources Management & Industrial Relations Fall 2008 Government of Alberta
Asem, Ebenezer  Finance Spring 2002 University of Lethbridge
Bauer, Larry Finance Fall 1999 Memorial University
Berry, Greg Organizational Analysis Fall 1996 Athabasca University
Bourne, Michael
Accounting Fall 2014
Concordia University
Bozkaya, Burcin  Management Science Spring 1999 Sabanci University
Brigden, Neil  Marketing  Fall 2013  Miami University, Oxford, Ohio 
Budge, Susan Management Science Fall 2004
Buffington, John Finance Fall 1999 Deloitte & Touche
Cabral, Edgar Management Science Spring 2005 Fundação Getúlio Vargas
Campello, Fernanda  Operations and Information Systems  Fall 2013  EMC Corporation
Carnaghan, Carla  Accounting Fall 1999 University of Lethbridge
Chen, Peter Accounting Fall 1998 Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Choi, Sung Chul Marketing Fall 2003 University of Northern British Columbia
Chowdhury, Rafi Marketing Fall 2006 Wollongong University
Chowdhury, Reza Finance Fall 2009 University of Northern British Columbia
Chung, Dennis  Accounting Fall 1991 Simon Fraser University
Collins, Colleen  Marketing Fall 1993 Simon Fraser University
Colwell, David Finance Fall 1997 University of New South Wales
Cosco, Gina Accounting Fall 2005 University of Alberta
Currie, Luanne  Strategic Management and Organization  Fall 2013  University of Alberta
Crumley, Ellen  Strategic Management and Organization  Fall 2012  Dalhousie University
Cyr, Don Finance Spring 1992 Brock University
Delasay, Mohammad
Operations and Information Systems
Fall 2014
Stony Brook University
Dempsey, Dianna Strategic Management and Organization  Spring 2014  MacEwan University
Dissanayake, Ruchith
Fall 2017
Queensland University of Technology
Deng, Qian (Claire) Marketing Fall 2018
University of Prince Edward Island
Dubelaar, Chris  Marketing Spring 1996 Deakin Business School Melbourne
Dyck, Bruno Organizational Analysis Fall 1991 University of Manitoba
Emby, Craig Accounting Fall 1989 Simon Fraser University

Enström, Rickard

Marketing         Fall 2010 MacEwan University
Erdem, Tulin Marketing Spring 1993 New York University
Faleye, Olubunmi  Finance Spring 2002 Northeastern University
Fiolleau, Krista  Accounting  Spring 2013  University of Waterloo 
Fogel (He), Kathy Finance Fall 2004 University of Arkansas
Foster, William Organizational Analysis Fall 2006 University of Alberta
Friedman, Elaine  Organizational Analysis Spring 1992  
Fox, Kenneth
Accounting Fall 2015
University of Saskatchewan
Ge, Xin Marketing Spring 2008 University of Northern British Columbia
Geng, Li Feng Organizational Analysis Fall 2000 Lakehead University
GermAnn, Kathy Organizational Analysis Fall 2006 University of Alberta
Han, Qin
Strategic Management & Organization
Spring 2017
University of Lethbridge
Harcourt, Mark Industrial Relations Fall 1995 Waikato University
He, Yongfu Marketing Fall 2008 Monash University
Hidaji, Hooman
Operations & Information Systems
Spring 2017
University of Calgary
Hoang, Kristina  Accounting  Spring 2013 Tulane University 
Hoyem, Kenton Finance Fall 2008 Financial Engines Inc.
Hrazdil, Karel Accounting Fall 2007 Simon Fraser University
Hunter, Karen     Human Resources Management & Industrial Relations Spring 2011 University of Lethbridge
Hupfer, Maureen Marketing Spring 2001 McMaster University
Huq, Jo-Louise
Strategic Management and Organization
Fall 2015
University of Calgary
Jalan, Pradeep Finance Spring 1990 University of Regina
James, Albert Strategic Management and Organization  Fall 2013 Dalhousie University 
Jha, Ranjini Sivakumar Finance Fall 1998 University of Waterloo
Joo, Youngbin Strategic Management and Organization
Fall 2018
University of Leeds
Kayacetin, Volkan  Finance Spring 2010 Ozyegin University
Kayande, Ujwal Marketing Spring 1998 Melbourne Business School
Kettle, Keri Marketing  Fall 2011 University of Manitoba
Keim, Charles
Strategic Management and Organization
Spring 2015
MacEwan University
Khanlari, Moein
Marketing Spring 2016
University of New Hampshire
Kim, Soyoung
Marketing Fall 2018
Pace University
Kim, Sunyoung Accounting Fall 2008 Monash University
Kondra, Alexander  Industrial Relations Spring 1995 Athabasca University
Korolkiewicz, Malgorzata Finance Spring 2004 University of  South Australia 
Kulchitsky, Jack Marketing Fall 1997 University of Calgary
Laiss, Barry  Finance Spring 1991 California State University
Lam, Helen Industrial Relations Spring 2000 Athabasca University
Lawrence, Thomas  Organizational Analysis Fall 1993 Oxford University
Lee, Jason Finance Fall 1991 University of Alberta
Lefsrud, Lianne  Strategic Management and Organization  Spring 2014  University of Alberta
Li, Jin Marketing Fall 2007 North Dakota State University
Li, Lianhua      Marketing  Fall 2013  ATB Financial
Li, Shenyu Marketing Spring 2010 Shanghai University of Finance & Economics
Li, Yan Accounting Fall 2007 National University of Singapore
Li, Yongyue Management Science Fall 2005 Headwaters, Inc.
Liang, Yi-Chun Claire  Finance  Fall 2014  Southern Illinois University, Carbondale 
Liu, Yun Finance Spring 2007 Zhongnan University of Economics and Law
Loewen, Pamela Organizational Analysis Fall 2007 University of Lethbridge
Luo, Le     Accounting Spring 2011 Huazhong University
Mackinnon, Gregory Finance Fall 1996 St. Mary’s University
Malhotra, Namrata  Organizational Analysis Fall 1999 Imperial College London
Marshall, Erin
Accounting Spring 2015
University of Alberta
Martinez, Daniel  Accounting  Spring 2014  HEC Paris 
Maung, Min     Finance Fall 2010 University of Saskatchewan
Mauws, Michael  Organizational Analysis Spring 1997 Athabasca University
McDougald, Megan  Organizational Analysis  Spring 2011 University of Alberta
McQuarrie, Fiona Organizational Analysis Spring 1995 University of the Fraser Valley
McQuitty, Shaun Marketing Fall 1996 Athabasca University
Micelotta, Evelyn
Strategic Management and Organization
Fall 2015
University of New Mexico
Minkus, Alison
Organizational Analysis
Fall 2015
Morgan, Wayne    Accounting  Fall 2011 Government of Canada 
Morrill, Cameron Accounting Fall 1991 University of Manitoba
Morrill, Janet Accounting Spring 1994 University of Manitoba
Morouney, Kim  Organizational Analysis Spring 1995 Wilfrid Laurier University
Murray, Kyle Marketing Fall 2004 University of Alberta
Na, Kyunga  Accounting  Spring 2013   
Niu, Runhong Management Science Fall 2008 Webster University
Nordstrom, Onnolee
Strategic Management & Organization
Spring 2017
North Dakota State University
Ogata, Ken     Organizational Analysis Fall 2010 York University
Ojha, Abhoy Organizational Analysis Fall 1993 Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore
Olsen, Doug  Marketing Fall 1992 Arizona State University
Oxner, Mary Accounting Fall 2006 St. Francis Xavier University
Pazzaglia, Federica Finance Spring 2008 University College Dublin
Peng, Ling Marketing Spring 2007 Lingnan University
Phillips, Blake Finance Fall 2009 University of Waterloo
Phillips, Nelson Organizational Analysis Spring 1995 Imperial College London
Pinto, Odette Accounting Spring 2010 McEwan University
Pohler, Dionne HRM/IR Fall 2010 University of Toronto
Pomeroy, Brad Accounting Fall 2009 University of Waterloo
Popa, Monica        Marketing Fall 2010 University of Saskatchewan
Prakash, Rajshree Organizational Analysis Spring 2008 Concordia University
Qiu, Chun (Martin)
Marketing Spring 2008 Wilfred Laurier University
Qu, Qian Accounting Fall 2006 York University
Radcliffe, Vaughan  Accounting Spring 1995 University of Western Ontario
Rastpour, Amir
Operations and Information Systems
Spring 2016
University of Western Ontario
Ravi, Rahul Finance Fall 2007 Concordia University
Raynard, Mia
Strategic Management and Organization
Spring 2016
University of Vienna
Reay, Patricia Organizational Analysis Spring 2000 University of Alberta
Rennie, Morina Accounting Fall 1989 University of Regina
Rennie, Richard Accounting Fall 1989 University of Regina
Rigby, John  Organizational Analysis Fall 1993 University of Saskatchewan
Roberts, Peter Organizational Analysis Fall 1996 Emory University
Rose, Teresa Organizational Analysis Spring 1998 Athabasca University
Saber, Jane Marketing Fall 2004 Ryerson University
Schmid, Christian Marketing Fall 2010 Alberta Health Services
Semenenko, Igor Finance Fall 2009 Acadia University
Sharifian, Manely
Strategic Management and Organization
Spring 2016
San Francisco State University
Shen, Yingtao Marketing Spring 2007 Austin Peay State University
Sinha, Ashish  Marketing Spring 1997 University of Technology Sydney
Smith, Gary Finance Fall 1996 Alberta Teachers Retirement Fund
Smirnov, Kristen Marketing  Fall 2013  Whittier College 
Sonpar, Karan Organizational Analysis Spring 2008

University College Dublin

Stangeland, David  Finance Spring 1994 University of Manitoba
Stefanescu, Carmen Finance Spring 2009 University of Alberta
Suddaby, Roy Organizational Analysis Fall 2001 University of Victoria
Sun, Can Operations and Information Systems
Fall 2018
University of Science and Technology, China 
Tan, Hwee-Cheng Accounting Fall 2004 University of New South Wales
Tang, Zhenyang (David)  Finance  Fall 2014  Clark University 
Taylor, Laurel  Organizational Analysis Spring 2001 Alberta Health Services
Thomas, Dominic Marketing Fall 2008 Monash University
Thomas, Janice Organizational Analysis Spring 2000 Athabasca University
Tian, Ding (Allen)
Marketing Fall 2015
Wuhan University
Tian, Yuan (Gloria)
Finance Spring 2006 University of Lethbridge Calgary Campus
Topal, Cagri  Organizational Analysis Fall 2011  Middle East Technical University 
Torabi, Behnam
Finance Spring 2017
Alberta Investment Management Corporation
Trifts, Valerie Marketing Fall 2004 Dalhousie University
Tu, Ke (Christy)  Marketing Fall 2016  Neoma Business School 
Turtle, Harry  Finance Fall 1991 Colorado State University
Ullah, Saif Finance Spring 2009 Concordia University
Unite, Angelo  Finance Fall 1997 De La Salle University
Unterschultz, Jim  Finance Fall 1996 deceased
Usta, Murat Marketing Fall 2010 Dalhousie University
Vibert, Conor Organizational Analysis Fall 1996 Acadia University
Wahn, Judy Organizational Analysis Fall 1990 Thompson Rivers University
Wang, Luming     Marketing Fall 2010 University of Manitoba
Wang, Xuequn Finance Fall 2007 Lakehead University
Webb, Alan Accounting Fall 2001 University of Waterloo
Weber, Virginia Marketing Fall 2018
Deakin University
Wei, Muyu (Sarah)
Marketing Fall 2018
University of Warwick
Wheeling, Barbara  Accounting Fall 1999 Montana State University Billings
White, Patricia Joan Marketing Fall 1994 retired
Wiebe, Elden Organizational Analysis Fall 2005 The King's University Edmonton
Wilson, Craig Finance Spring 2004

University of Saskatchewan

Wilson, Nicole Strategic Management and Organization Spring 2019 City of Edmonton
Wong, Leo     Marketing Spring 2010 MacEwan University
Wry, Tyler     Organizational Analysis Fall 2011 University of Pennsylvania (Wharton School)
Wu, Fang     Marketing Fall 2011 Shanghai University of Finance and Economics 
Wu, Haibin
Accounting Fall 2014
City University Hong Kong
Xiang, Bing Accounting Fall 1991 Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business
Xu, Xiaowei
Finance Fall 2014
California State - Monterey Bay
Yang, Fan Finance Spring 2005 University of Saskatchewan
Yang, Zhifeng Finance Fall 2006 City University of Hong Kong
Yeo, Melanie Lisa  Operations and Information Systems  Fall 2012  University of California, Merced
Yoo, Junwook  Accounting Spring 2011 University of Winnipeg
Yu, Wayne Finance Fall 1997 Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Zhan, Lingjing Marketing Fall 2007 Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Zhang, Guilin (Serena)
Strategic Management & Organization
Fall 2015
Troy University
Zhang, Lu
Finance Fall 2015
Ryerson University
Zhang, Rengong (Alex)
Accounting Fall 2015
City University Hong Kong
Zhang, Wenjun     Accounting Spring 2011 Dalhousie University
Zhang, Zhen
Strategic Management & Organization
Fall 2014
La Verne University
Zhao, Yanfei (Eric) Strategic Management & Organization  Fall 2014 Indiana University (Kelley School of Business) 
Zhuang, Hejun  Marketing  Fall 2014  Brandon University