Business PhD

Doctoral Students Abroad

The Alberta School of Business is keen to encourage the development of international collaboration opportunities at the doctoral level. To this end, the Dean has dedicated a fund to support the School's PhD students spending time abroad. The program is administered by the Associate Dean (Research), advised by the Associate Dean (PhD Program). The guidelines are as follows:

1. Doctoral students can apply for up to $7,000 to support a visit to a university outside of Canada but not from a country where the applicant has previously studied or lived.

2. Study abroad should be for periods between two weeks and three months.

3. Funds are to cover travel and lodging costs but not subsistence.

4. Funds cannot be used primarily to attend conferences.

5. Applications should be accompanied by:

__ a letter of support from the student’s supervisor; 

__ a letter of invitation from the host university (including information about the proposed supervisor); 

__ a one-page statement of activities that will be undertaken during the proposed visit; 

__ a brief budget (including other sources of funds, if any).

6. All doctoral students registered in the program are eligible to apply, but students must pass comprehensive exams before embarking on their time abroad. Moreover, students in their fourth year must have passed their candidacy exam.

7. Applications can be made at any time but must be made at least six weeks before the proposed visit.

8. Applications are to be made to the Associate Dean (Research), who will make decisions in consultation with the Associate Dean (PhD Program).

9. Claims will be processed by a person designated by the Associate Dean (Research).

10. Recipients must submit a one-page summary of their research accomplishments and relationships built to their supervisor and the Associate Dean (Research) within one month after completing their study abroad. 

Revision Date: June 18, 2013