Milo Wang

Milo Wang

PhD Candidate
Strategic Management & Organization



Department: Strategy, Entrepreneurship & Management
Office Hours: By appointment

Address: Business Building Room 2-24
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB T6G 2R6

Research Interests

My research focuses on how organizations strategically respond to negative social evaluations that arise from ethical misconduct, scandals, and crises. I specifically investigate stigma and crisis management, organizational wrongdoing, and stakeholder governance. Empirically, I research a variety of diverse contexts, including market transition in China, the emergence of gene therapy in North America, and the diffusion of public health measures during the global pandemic. Methodologically, I employ both qualitative and quantitative methods.


Wang, M., Raynard, M., & Greenwood, R. 2020. From grace to violence: Stigmatizing the medical profession in China. In-press at Academy of Management Journal.
   Media coverage: LSE Business Review, Sixth Tone

Zhang, R., Wang, M., Toubiana, M., & Greenwood, R. 2020. Stigma beyond levels: Advancing research on stigmatization. In-press at Academy of Management Annals.

Wang, M., Steele, C., & Greenwood, R. 2019. Mentalités and events: Historicizing institutional logics. Academy of Management Review, 44(2): 473-476.