Teaching and Research

Post Funding Teaching

PhD students are normally provided with financial support for a period of five years. The objective is that students will have completed enough of their program to be able to take a job. Many students do not finish in that time; some obtain outside funding such as research fellowships, but others may teach as sessional instructors in the School of Business. Departments are usually able to provide such sessional instructor positions, dependent on students' teaching capabilities. See also Funding.

Teaching Development

Students are strongly encouraged to complete the Graduate Teaching and Learning Program offered by the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research.

Teaching Requirements

Teaching may be an important component of a PhD graduate's future career. For this reason we require that each student have university teaching experience before completing the Business PhD program.

Students who receive financial assistance throughout their programs are expected to teach a total of two courses in their third and fourth years, without remuneration beyond normal funding. The scheduling of the courses is the responsibility of the respective departments.

Research Centres

The Alberta School of Business has established various centres of research. For additional information concerning these centres, visit Research Centres.

Research Involvement

The program includes significant research involvement besides the student's main project, the dissertation. Learn more about research involvement requirements.