External Awards


David Deephouse was awarded in 2016 a Citation of Excellence by Emerald Group Publishing for his paper with Peter Jaskiewicz called “Do Family Firms Have Better Reputations Than Non-Family Firms? An Integration of Socioemotional Wealth and Social Identity Theories”

Royston Greenwood was named one of Thompson Reuters’ Most Influential Scientific Minds in 2016.

Joel Gehman won the Batten Fellowship from the Batten Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business.

Runjuan Liu was awarded Tianjin "The Thousand Talents" Scholarship. 

Michael Lounsbury was named one of Thompson Reuters’ Most Influential Scientific Minds in 2016.

Paul Messinger won Best Paper Award in 2016 for the Marketing division of the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada for "Gleaning Inferences from Soldout Products".

Sarah Moore and Kyle Murray received Best Paper Award Honourable Mention in 2016 for the Marketing division of Administrative Sciences Association of Canada Conference for "'Don't buy' or Do not buy'? How negative style in online reviews".

Madeline Toubiana won Best Paper Award in 2016 for "Doctors driving cabs: Downward occupational transitional and persistent identity asymmetries", Emotions and Organizational Life Network.


David Cooper was awarded an Honorary Degree from Université Paris (Dauphine) in 2015.

Royston Greenwood was named one of Thompson Reuters’ Most Influential Scientific Minds in 2015.

Royston Greenwood and Bob Hinings are recipients of the Inaugural Pasmore-Woodman Award of the Organizational Development and Change Division, Academy of Management 2015.

Joel Gehman and Matthew Grimes received the 2015 People’s Choice Award at the 7th Annual Alliance for Research on Corporate Sustainability Conference.

Jennifer Jennings won the 2015 Kauffman Foundation Best Paper Award at the DIANA International Research Conference.

P. Devereaux (Dev) Jennings was named Finalist in the Best Paper Award for Academy of Management Journal in 2015.

Michael Lounsbury won the Best Paper Award at the 2015 Sustainability, Ethics, & Entrepreneurship Conference.

Michael Lounsbury was named one of Thompson Reuters’ Most Influential Scientific Minds in 2015.

Trish Reay was winner of the 2015 Family Business Review Best Article Award for "Sustaining the family business with minimal financial rewards: How do family firms continue?" from the Organization & Management Theory Division at the Academy of Management.

Lloyd Steier was named one of the top 100 professors of entrepreneurship in 2015.


Jennifer Argo received the 2014 Erin Anderson Award for an emerging female marketing scholar and mentor, awarded by The American Marketing Association Foundation.

Robert Fisher received the American Marketing Association’s Distinguished Service Award in 2014.

Joel Gehman was the Finalist for the Past President's Best Paper Award in 2014 from the Western Academy of Management.

Vern Glaser received the 2014 Best Conference Paper Award Nomination for "Shifting levels of abstraction: The role of vertical category dynamics in market valuation processes" at the Strategic Management Society Annual International Conference in Spain.

Royston Greenwood was named the 2014 Academy of Management Organization & Management Theory Division Distinguished Scholar. The New York-based Academy is the premier academic body globally for management scholars with close to 20,000 members worldwide.

Royston Greenwood was named one of Thompson Reuters’ Most Influential Scientific Minds in 2014.

Jennifer Jennings was awarded the Bertarelli Family Best Paper Award in 2014 for "How family interaction patterns influence entrepreneurial processes: Insights from the Hutterites" at the BCERC-IVEY Entrepreneurship Research Conference. 

Michael Lounsbury was designated as the Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Entrepreneurship and Innovation in 2014; a $1.4 million award accredited over seven years accompanies this designation.

Michael Lounsbury was named one of Thompson Reuters’ Most Influential Scientific Minds in 2014.

Michael Lounsbury received the Outstanding Paper Award in 2014 at the Alliance for Research on Corporate Sustainability Annual Conference; and was named 2014 Best Paper Award Finalist for "Hybrid vigor: Securing venture capital by spanning categories in nanotechnology" from the Academy of Management Journal.

Egor Matveyev won the 2014 Best Paper Award for "The labour market for corporate directors" at the MIT Conference in Accounting. 


Joel Gehman received three Finalist Awards in 2013: The Emerald Best International Dissertation Award- Finalist: Best Dissertation Award Finalist from the Organizations and the Natural Environment Division of the Academy of Management; Best Dissertation Award Finalist from the Society of Business Ethics. 

Royston Greenwood’s article “From practice to field: A multi-level model of practice-driven institutional change” received The Academy of Management Journal Best Article Award in 2013. The 2013 winning paper examines the cross-border collaboration of English and German lawyers in global law firms.

Mike Lounsbury's book entitled The Institutional Logics Perspective: A New Approach to Culture, Structure and Process was named the 2013 Academy of Management George R. Terry Book Award. This award is granted to the book judged to have made the most outstanding contribution to the advancement of management knowledge. The book is about how institutional logics perspective transforms institutional theory.

Paul Messinger was a Best Paper Award Finalist in 2013 for "Dual rules for service evaluation", Service Science. 

Trish Reay received the 2013 Citations of Excellence Award for her work "Managing the rivalry of competing institutional logics", chosen as one of the top 50 articles with proven impact since its publication date and chosen from the top 300 management journals in the world by Emerald Insight, Academy of Management. 


Emily Block received Best Reputation Paper in 2012 from the Oxford University Conference for "The path dependence of organizational reputation: how social judgement influences assessments of capability and character", Strategic Management Journal. 

Joel Gehman was the winner of the Above and Beyond the Call of Duty Award from the Organization and Management Theory Division of the Academy of Management in 2012.

Joel Gehman was the winner of the Best Paper on Environmental & Social Practices from the Organization and Management Theory Division of the Academy of Management in 2012.

Royston Greenwood and Roy Suddaby received the 2012 Greif Research Impact Award for their 2006 Academy of Management Journal article called "Institutional Entrepreneurship in Mature Fields: The Big Five Accounting Firms." The award recognizes the paper that has had the most impact on entrepreneurship over the last five years.

Gerald Häubl received a Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award in 2012, which goes to internationally recognized scholars producing cutting edge results that influence their discipline beyond their immediate field of work.

Jennifer Jennings and P. Devereaux (Dev) Jennings won Best Paper Award in 2012 in Entrepreneurship and Gender for "Entrepreneurship as emancipation: Dream or reality for female entrepreneurs?" at the ACERE-DIANA Conference. 

P. Devereaux (Dev) Jennings was a 2012 Business Policy Studies' Best Paper Award Nominee, Academy of Management for "Competing imitation strategies in the U.S. video game market". 

Sarah Moore is the 2012 Ferber Award recipient given by Association for Consumer Research for her work "Some things are better left unsaid: How word of mouth influences the storyteller". The award recognises the best article in the Journal of Consumer Research based on a dissertation.

Naomi Rothenberg received a 2012 Best Conceptual/Theoretical Paper for "Teams, leaders and performance measures", Fogelman College of Business & Economics, University of Memphis. 

Trish Reay received the 2012 Douglas McGregor Memorial Award for best paper published in The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science for "Identity struggles in merging organizations: Renegotiating the sameness-difference dialectic", Academy of Management.

Madeline Toubiana was the 2012 Academy of Management Carolyn Dexter Best International Paper Nominee, OMT Division for "Why won't you advocate for us? Exploring the disruptive institutional work of marginalized stakeholders".

Edy Wong received the 2012 Garner Themoin Award.

University of Alberta Internal Honours and Prizes

Robert Fisher was awarded a Killam Research Cornerstone Grant in 2016 for his project “Consumer Needs and Wants”. Fisher’s research objective is to understand how purchase perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors are affected when consumers perceive a choice as a need versus a want. The Killam Research Fund supports research, scholarship, and creative activities to advance the University's objectives in the fine arts, humanities, and social sciences. 

Joel Gehman won the uAlberta Sustainability Leadership Award in 2016 for his work incorporating sustainability into the MBA program, engaging students in sustainability, and encouraging them to publish their research.  

McCalla Professorships

The McCalla Professorships are named after the first Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research. McCalla Professors are those who value excellence in teaching, acknowledge the importance of students, conduct themselves in an ethical manner, are collaborative, open to change, take pride in history and traditions and are committed to integrating their research and teaching.

Past Recipients from the Alberta School of Business:

Trish Reay, 2017/18

P. Devereaux (Dev) Jennings, 2016/17

Gerald Häubl, 2015/16

Armann Ingolfsson, 2014/15 

Peter Popkowski Leszcyzyc, 2013/14 

Marvin Washington, 2012/13

J. Gordin Kaplan Award for Excellence in Research

The University of Alberta’s most prestigious research award – J. Gordin Kaplan Award for Excellence in Research is named for the University’s first Vice-President (Research). Two awards are presented annually to recognize outstanding work in distinct fields of research for excellence in the general area of humanities, social sciences, law, education and fine arts and; for excellence in the sciences or engineering. The award recognizes and honours:

  • faculty members whose research contributions, fundamental and applied, add significantly to our knowledge base
  • faculty members who are recognized nationally and internationally for their scholarly accomplishments
  • faculty members who set a standard of excellence for other University of Alberta faculty, graduate and undergraduate students and the community-at-large

Kaplan Laureates from the Alberta School of Business:

David Cooper, 2010

Randall Morck, 2009

Royston Greenwood, 2006

C R (Bob) Hinings (Professor Emeritus), 2000

Alice Nakamura, 1992 

Martha Cook Piper Research Prize

The Martha Cook Piper Research award commemorates Dr. Piper’s significant contribution to the research community while vice-president (research) and vice-president (research and external affairs) at the University of Alberta in the 1990s. The annual award recognizes two faculty members in the early stage of their careers who enjoy a reputation for original research and show outstanding promise as researchers.

Past Recipients from the Alberta School of Business:

Michael Lounsbury, 2009

Killam Annual Professorships

The Killam Annual Professorships were established in July 1991 to suitably acknowledge the generous Izaak Walton and Dorothy Killam bequest. The award is granted to faculty members based on the quality of their scholarly activities such as teaching, research, publications, creative activities, presented papers, and supervision of graduate students.

Past Recipients from the Alberta School of Business:

Kyle Murray, 2016

Gerald Häubl, 2014

David Cooper, 2008

Lloyd Steier, 2007

Royston Greenwood, 2001

C R (Bob) Hinings (Professor Emeritus), 1999

Michael Gibbins (Professor Emeritus), 1998

Petro-Canada Young Innovator Award

The Petro-Canada Young Innovator Awards recognize, promote and support outstanding and innovative faculty researchers at the University of Alberta whose academic work benefits the learning environment of their department and whose research has potential to be of significance to society at large.

Past Recipients from the Alberta School of Business:

Joel Gehman, 2015

Kyle Murray, 2012

Michael Lounsbury, 2006

Stan Li, 2003

Gerald Häubl, 2000