Hosted Conferences

Faculty in the Alberta School of Business periodically organize conferences to develop new ideas, learn from other scholars from around the world, and provide doctoral students with their first experiences with research conferences. Click on the following to learn more about recent and forthcoming conferences.


Planned Conferences

Theories of Family Enterprise Conference - May 22-24, 2017

Frontiers in Finance - June 17-18, 2017

University of Alberta Accounting Research Conference - August 11-12, 2017

West Coast Research Symposium - August 30-September 1, 2017


Past Conferences

Women as Employees, Entrepreneurs and Leaders (WEEL) Workshop - April 28, 2017

Alberta Institutions Conference - June 2015

DIANA International Conference on Women's Entrepreneurship Research - August 2010

Emergency Medical Services Planning Conference - August 2008

Frontiers in Finance - June 2016

Organizing Institutions: Creating, Enacting and Reacting to Institutional Logics - May 2012

Theories of Family Enterprise Conference - May 2016

University of Alberta Accounting Research Conference - 2010 - 2016


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