Business Research

Getting Ethics Approval

Do I need ethics approval for my research?

You may begin work on your research at any time. However, any contact with participants (including advertising and pilot studies) may not begin until the project is formally approved by a Research Ethics Board (REB).

You need to apply for ethics approval if you are planning to do any of the following research activities:

  • You want to collect data for your research that involves human subject participation. (Using publicly available information or gathering information for administrative purposes does not require ethics approval.)  If in doubt, contact the Research Ethics Office (REO).
  • You want to have students collect data from people as part of a course you are teaching.
  • You want to conduct research with people as part of your supplementary professional activities.               

Furthermore, you must get subsequent approval from an REB for any changes to your initial (approved) project before they are implemented.

How do I get ethics approval?

All research ethics applications are administered through the Research Ethics Office (REO) and must be submitted through REMO (Research Ethics & Management Online).

Log on with your CCID username and password.

More information, including downloadable copies of the Tri-Council Policy Statement on Research Ethics, is available through the Research Ethics website