Grant Recipients

The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) are federal agencies that promote and support university-based research and training in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and engineering. These grants are the primary source of research funding at the Alberta School of Business. They allow our faculty to conduct innovative research in all areas of business, which results in a dynamic and engaging learning environment for our students.

The following is a list of Alberta School of Business researchers who have received grants in the past 5 years, listed from the most recent award. 

Researcher Name



Total Award



Jennifer Argo and Paul Messinger
Brain-to-society decision and behaviour research for convergent innovation that supports individual and collective wealth and wellbeing SSHRC Connect Grants $17,892.00
Joel Gehman Enhancing regulatory effectiveness and cooporative performance SSHRC Partnership Development Grants $135,708.00
Lukas Roth
Institutional investors and firms' corporate social responsibility: A cross-country analysis SSHRC Insight Grants $125,351.00
Angelique Slade Shantz
Reshaping entrepreneurship as a tool for poverty alleviation SSHRC Insight Grants $263,685.00



Jennifer Argo
Too much space is feeding food waste SSHRC Insight Grants $171,663.00
Runjuan Liu The complex relationship between international trade and the domestic labor market: New empirical evidences from micro data SSHRC Insight Grants $54,960.00
Barry Scholnick
Keeping up with the Joneses: Household level evidence of neighbourhood peer effects SSHRC Insight Grants $68,000.00



Vern Glaser
Big Data and the Rise of the Data Scientist SSHRC Insight Development Grants $53,547.00
Sarah Moore 
Material Words: How Word-of-Mouth Impacts Self-Esteem SSHRC Insight Development Grants
Peter Popkowski Leszczyc
The Influence of Incentives and Social media on charitable fundraising  SSHRC Insight Grants 
Paul Messinger
Empirical & Theoretical Symposium: Canadian Marketing Strategy Symposium SSHRC Connection Grants  $20,000.00



Jevan Cherniwchan 
The Effects of Environmental Regulations on Firm Competitiveness  SSHRC Insight Development Grants 
Joel Gehman 
Coping with controversy: An exploration of organizational response variation to institutional complexity in fracking  SSHRC Insight Grants
Sarah Moore  The Public Heart: The Impact of Sharing Emotions on Social Media  SSHRC Insight Grants
Kyle Murray  Cognitive lock-in to emerging technologies: efficiency, efficacy and emotion  SSHRC Insight Grants



Michael Lounsbury How do institutions matter?  SSHRC Connection Grants $24,885.00
Joel Gehman  Category Promotion: Collective Identity Claims among Social Entrepreneurs  SSHRC Insight Development Grants 
Andrew Leach  Managing Oil Sands Development  SSHRC Insight Development Grants
Thomas Schneider  Assessing energy-efficiency retrofits in the social-housing sector: a triple bottom-line approach  SSHRC Insight Development Grants 
Robert Fisher  Effects of Quality Signaling, Product Failure, and Brand Equity on Manufacturer and Retailer Performance 
SSHRC Insight Grants 
Akiko Watanabe  Technological Innovations and Expected Stock Returns: International Evidence  SSHRC Insight Grants  $73,188.00
Gerald Haeubl 
Assistive Consumer Technologies: Facilitating Effective Consumer Decision Making in an Information-Swamped Digital Economy
SSHRC Insight Grants 
Mark Huson  Inter-temporal variation in the value of corporate cash holdings 
SSHRC Insight Grants  $122,076.00
David McLean  Learning About The Cross-Section of Stock Returns  SSHRC Insight Grants 
Masahiro Watanabe  Ambiguity, Market Fragility, and Equity Anomalies  SSHRC Insight Grants  $69,736.00

Mengxin Zhao

Equity Market Liberalization, Excess Volatility, and Corporate Governance 

SSHRC Insight Grants 




Jennifer Argo  The Role of Product Identity in Recycling Decisions  SSHRC Insight Development Grants  $74,151.00
Joel Gehman  Predatory Selection: An Analysis of Cultural Vulnerability and Opportunity Exploitation in Unconventional Gas Well Drill  SSHRC Insight Development Grants  $70,729.00
Egor Matveyev  Do CEOs Matter? Evidence from Exogenous Variation due to Deaths. SSHRC Insight Development Grants  $63,842.00
Ofer Arazy  Wiki DNA: Uncovering the Patterns of Online Collaboration 

SSHRC Insight Grants 


Robert Gephart 

Temporalities in risk sensemaking 

SSHRC Insight Grants 


Yu Ma 

An Empirical Investigation of Ingredient Branding Strategy and Its Consequence on Partner Brands 

SSHRC Insight Grants 


Patricia Reay 

Change in a complex mature organizational field: The case of addictions services 

SSHRC Insight Grants 




Armann Ingolfsson 

Healthcare Operations Management 

NSERC Discovery


Andrew Leach 

Renewable Energy Capital Deployment 

SSHRC Insight Development Grants


Lukas Roth 

The economic consequences of shareholder voting: A cross-country analysis 

SSHRC Insight Grants


Florin Sabac 

Accounting Performance Measures and Corporate Governance 

SSHRC Insight Grants