Grant Recipients

The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) are federal agencies that promote and support university-based research and training in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and engineering. These grants are the primary source of research funding at the Alberta School of Business. They allow our faculty to conduct innovative research in all areas of business, which results in a dynamic and engaging learning environment for our students.

The following is a list of Alberta School of Business researchers (* denotes researcher as a co-applicant) who have received grants in the past 5 years, listed from the most recent award.

Alberta School of Business researchers

Researcher Name



Total Award



Paul Messinger * What Makes Products Weird? Conceptual Antecedents and Consumer Behavioral Consequences SSHRC Insight Development Grants $43,874.00
Sarah Moore and Jennifer Argo * A Spoonful of Sugar: Harnessing Fun to Increase Charitable Donations SSHRC Insight Development Grants $57,066.00
Ke Wang Externalities of Disclosing Audit Partner Identity in the US: Evidence from Form AP SSHRC Insight Development Grants $54,670.00
Ian Gellatly * Stress and Destructive Leadership: Causes, Conditions and the Mitigating Role of Mindfulness SSHRC Insight Grants $184,657.00
Trish Reay * Inter-organizational Communities of Practice SSHRC Insight Grants $98,566.00
Joel Gehman In Search of Organizational Authenticity: The Case of Sustainable Certifications SSHRC Insight Grants $131,829.00
Sarah Moore and Paul Messinger * Slanguage: The Use and Effects of Slang Terms in Consumer-to-Consumer and Firm-to-Consumer Online Communications SSHRC Insight Grants $161,107.00
Ian Gellatly * Conflict Profiles in Organizational Work Teams: A New Frontier SSHRC Insight Grants $238,115.00
Emily Block The Business of Aging: The Emergence and Legitimacy of Elder Care Organizations and Institutions in Ghana SSHRC Partnership Engage Grants $22,113.00
Kyle Murray * Behaviourally Informed Organizations: Creating an Integrative Theory of Behavioural Change and Embedding it in Organizations SSHRC Partnership Grants $2,499,567.00
Armann Ingolfsson Service Operations Management NSERC Discovery Grant $162,500.00
Ilbin Lee NSERC Discovery Launch Supplement $12,500.00



Ivor Cribben Networks for Multivariate Time Series NSERC Discovery Grant $90,000.00
Ilbin Lee Computational Sensitivity Analysis for Decision-Making under Data Uncertainty NSERC Discovery Grant $132,900.00
Madeline Toubiana * Uber'ing Away Stigma: The Impact of Sharing Technology on Stigmatized Occupations SSHRC Insight Development Grants $66,786.00
Tim Hannigan and Anthony Briggs * The Cultural Holes of Entrepreneurial Ecosystems SSHRC Insight Development Grants $58,581.00
Michael Lounsbury University Sustainability and Institutional Complexity SSHRC Insight Development Grants $55,000.00
Lukas Roth Institutional Investors and Firms' Corporate Social Responsibility: A Cross-Country Analysis SSHRC Insight Grants $125,351.00



Jennifer Argo Too Much Space is Feeding Food Waste SSHRC Insight Grants $171,663.00
Runjuan Liu The Complex Relationship between International Trade and the Domestic Labor Market: New Empirical Evidences from Micro Data SSHRC Insight Grants $54,960.00
Barry Scholnick Keeping up with the Joneses: Household Level Evidence of Neighbourhood Peer Effects SSHRC Insight Grants $68,000.00



Vern Glaser Big Data and the Rise of the Data Scientist SSHRC Insight Development Grants $53,547.00
Sarah Moore Material Words: How Word-of-Mouth Impacts Self-Esteem SSHRC Insight Development Grants $50,130.00
Peter Popkowski Leszczyc The Influence of Incentives and Social Media on Charitable Fundraising SSHRC Insight Grants $123,000.00
Paul Messinger Empirical and Theoretical Symposium: Canadian Marketing Strategy Symposium SSHRC Connection Grants $20,000.00



Jevan Cherniwchan The Effects of Environmental Regulations on Firm Competitiveness SSHRC Insight Development Grants $34,099.00
Joel Gehman Coping with Controversy: An Exploration of Organizational Response Variation to Institutional Complexity in Fracking SSHRC Insight Grants $293,108.00
Sarah Moore The Public Heart: The Impact of Sharing Emotions on Social Media SSHRC Insight Grants $93,400.00
Kyle Murray Cognitive Lock-in to Emerging Technologies: Efficiency, Efficacy and Emotion SSHRC Insight Grants $137,700.00



Michael Lounsbury How Do Institutions Matter? SSHRC Connection Grants $24,885.00
Joel Gehman Category Promotion: Collective Identity Claims among Social Entrepreneurs SSHRC Insight Development Grants $70,706.00
Andrew Leach Managing Oil Sands Development SSHRC Insight Development Grants $58,630.00
Thomas Schneider Assessing Energy-efficiency Retrofits in the Social-housing Sector: A Triple Bottom-line Approach SSHRC Insight Development Grants $17,614.00
Robert Fisher Effects of Quality Signaling, Product Failure, and Brand Equity on Manufacturer and Retailer Performance
SSHRC Insight Grants
Akiko Watanabe Technological Innovations and Expected Stock Returns: International Evidence SSHRC Insight Grants $73,188.00
Gerald Haubl Assistive Consumer Technologies: Facilitating Effective Consumer Decision Making in an Information-Swamped Digital Economy SSHRC Insight Grants $440,000.00
Mark Huson Inter-temporal Variation in the Value of Corporate Cash Holdings SSHRC Insight Grants $122,076.00
David McLean Learning About The Cross-Section of Stock Returns SSHRC Insight Grants $117,240.00
Masahiro Watanabe Ambiguity, Market Fragility, and Equity Anomalies SSHRC Insight Grants $69,736.00

Mengxin Zhao

Equity Market Liberalization, Excess Volatility, and Corporate Governance

SSHRC Insight Grants