"Speaking of Research" is an audio podcast series from the Alberta School of Business highlighting some of our world-renowned scholars whose research work is groundbreaking, impactful and highly cited in the field of business.

Trish Reay – Professor and Associate Dean (Research)


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Ke Wang

New and Notable Series Ep 1:  Assistant Professor Ke Wang

Assistant Professor Ke Wang studies the role of accounting information in the context of capital markets. In this series, Dr. Wang discusses his forthcoming paper in the Contemporary Accounting Research journal titled "Is the tone of risk disclosures in MD&As relevant to debt markets? Evidence from the pricing of credit default swaps.”

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Chris Steele

New and Notable Series Ep 2:  Assistant Professor Chris Steele

Assistant Professor Chris Steele focuses on the workings of knowledge, identity, and social order. Dr. Steele talks about his very recently published article in the Academy of Management Review journal titled "When things get odd: Exploring the interactional choreography of taken-for-grantedness."

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Royston Greenwood

Classic Series Ep 1:  Professor Emeritus Royston Greenwood

Professor Emeritus Royston Greenwood is a world-renowned expert in the field of organization theory who, over the span of nearly five decades, has paid particular attention to the dynamics of organizational and institutional change. In this series, Dr. Greenwood discusses his 2010 paper published in Organization Science titled "The Multiplicity of Institutional Logics and the Heterogeneity of Organizational Responses".

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Randall Morck

Classic Series Ep 2:  Professor Randall Morck

Professor Randall Morck is a globally prominent, influential scholar and educator. His data-driven work applies sophisticated statistical analysis to important real-world economic problems. In this series, Dr. Morck discusses his 1988 paper published in the Journal of Financial Economics titled "Management ownership and marketing valuation: An empirical analysis".

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Jennifer Argo

Classic Series Ep 3:  Professor Jennifer Argo

Professor Jennifer Argo is focused on understanding the social elements of consumer behaviour. She looks into the subtle nuances that we, as consumers, are mostly unaware of when selecting our purchases. In this series, Dr. Argo discusses her 2005 paper published in the Journal of Consumer Research titled "The influence of a mere social presence in a retail context".

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Michael Lounsbury


Classic Series Ep 4:  Professor Michael Lounsbury

Professor Michael Lounsbury studies the relationship between entrepreneurship and institutional change, especially the cultural entrepreneurship involved in the creation of new industries and practices. In this series, Dr. Lounsbury discusses his 2001 paper published in the Strategic Management Journal titled "Cultural Entrepreneurship: Stories, Legitimacy and the Acquisition of Resources".

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Gerald Haubl

Classic Series Ep 5:  Professor Gerald Häubl

Professor Gerald Häubl focuses on the psychological forces that govern how people decide what products to buy; and a significant portion of his research over the years has given particular attention to online environments. In this series, Dr. Häubl discusses his 2000 paper published in Marketing Science titled "Consumer decision making in online shopping environments: The effects of interactive decision aids".

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trish reay

Classic Series Ep 6:  Professor Trish Reay

Professor Trish Reay studies institutional and organizational change, professions and professionals, and organizational learning in the contexts of health care and family business. In this series, Dr. Reay discusses her 2009 paper published in Organization Studies titled "Managing the rivalry of competing institutional logistics".

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