The Alberta School of Business aims to publish in journals generally known for their excellence and importance. Publishing in recognized top journals provides an important signal of quality that is useful in the evaluation of scholarly productivity. The following are publications by our faculty over the last five years in journals on two lists; one was created by the Financial Times and the other by Associate Deans of Research at the universities of Alberta, British Columbia, and Toronto. 


Argo, J.J., & Dahl, D. Standards of Beauty: The Impact of Mannequins in the Retail Context. Journal of Consumer Research.

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Gehman, J., & Grimes, M.G., Hidden Badge of Honor: How Contextual Distinctiveness Affects Category Promotion Among Certified B Corporations. Academy of Management Journal. doi:10.5465/amj.2015.0416. Winner of the Peoples Choice Award from the Alliance for Research on Corporate Sustainability and nominated for the Past Presidents Best Paper Award from the Western Academy of Management.

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