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Emily Block

Associate Professor, Strategic Management & Organization

Does investing in IT security really protect firms from hackers?

Read about her findings at: Folio Article - September 7, 2018

Angst, C., Block, E.S., D'Arcy, J., & Kelley, K. (2017). When do IT security investments matter? Accounting for the influence of Institutional factors in the context of heathcare data breaches. MIS Quarterly, 41(3), 893-916. doi:10.25300/MISQ/2017/41.3.10.


Ivor Cribben

Associate Professor, Finance & Statistical Analysis

How is neuro statistics linked with decision-making?

Read about his findings at: Suen, V.Y.M., Brown, M.R.G., Cribben, I., Morck, R.K., & Silverstone, P.H. (2016). Frequent sub-threshold gamblers display unique pattern of brain activation during investment decision-making task. Journal of Psychiatry and Mental Health, 1(1).

Bakhtiari, R., Cummine, J., Reed, A., Fox, C.M., Chouinard, B., Cribben, I., & Boliek, C.A. (2017). Changes in brain activity following intensive voice treatment in children with cerebral palsy. Human Brain Mapping, 38(9), 4413-4429. doi:10.1002/hbm.23669.

Cribben, I., & Yu, Y. (2017). Estimating whole‐brain dynamics by using spectral clustering. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series C (Applied Statistics), 66(3), 607-627. doi:10.1111/rssc.12169.


Ilbin Lee

Assistant Professor, Accounting, Operations & Information Systems

What does the 'Markov decision process' have to do with call centres?

Read about his findings at: Lee, I., Epelman, M.A., Romenijn, H.E., & Smith, R.L. (2017). Simplex algorithm for countable-state discounted Markov decision processes. Operations Research, 65(4), 1029-1042.


Sarah Moore

Associate Professor, Marketing, Business Economics & Law

How should firms talk to customers?

Read about her findings at: Folio Article - July 17, 2018

Packard, G., Moore, S.G., & McFerran, B. (Forthcoming). (I’m) happy to help (You): The impact of personal pronoun use in customer-firm interactions. Journal of Marketing Research.