Institutional Investors

Do institutional investors push firms to improve their environmental and social (E&S) performance?

Alberta School of Business researcher finds:

  • Institutional investors engage with firms to increase firm-level E&S performance.
  • They are motivated by financial and social returns.
  • Successful engagements are often private negotiations sometimes supplemented with public pressure, such as shareholder proposals.
  • Institutional investors from countries with social norms favouring E&S commitments have the strongest impact.

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The article, "Do Institutional Investors Drive Corporate Responsibility? International Evidence" is co-authored by Lukas Roth and is forthcoming in the Journal of Financial Economics.

Lukas Roth Lukas Roth focuses his research on corporate finance including issues in corporate governance, responsible investment, international finance, and law and economics. Before joining the University of Alberta, Lukas attended the University of Bern (M.Sc. and PhD) and was a Visiting Assistant Professor of Finance at Pennsylvania State University. He is currently the Roger S. Smith Professor of Business at the Alberta School of Business.