Earn Money as a Research Subject

The Alberta School of Business at the University of Alberta is looking for students* to participate in research studies. Participants* in these studies typically receive a nominal cash payment to compensate them for their time. Most of the studies are conducted in the Business Building on the U of A campus, and although every study is different, studies typically take less than an hour and participants are usually paid $10.



All research projects conducted at the University of Alberta are carefully screened by an ethics committee to ensure they meet the University of Alberta's ethical standards. Any information collected will be held in the strictest of confidence. Further, all such research is premised on informed consent. This means that the person conducting the study must provide you with sufficient information to enable you to determine whether or not you wish to participate. This will occur at the beginning of the study session.

Join the Alberta School of Business Research Panel Join a Mailing List

By joining the Alberta School of Business Research Panel, you will become a member and indicate that you are interested in finding out about opportunities to participate in studies by U of A researchers.

When a new study becomes available, you will receive an email inviting you to sign up for that study. Your contact information will be kept strictly confidential and will only be used to advise you of upcoming studies.


Past Studies

Past studies have looked at how consumers respond when firms tell them what to do in advertising (e.g., "Buy now!", "Like us on Facebook!") and at how consumers are affected both by sharing and by reading online content, such as online Amazon reviews, YouTube videos, or Tweets.


*Note: Students in Mark 301 and Mark 320 are exempt from paid participation in studies in the semesters they are enrolled in these courses.