Stollery Executive Development Centre Bookings

Bookings are taken through the Conference Facilities and Building Manager up to 2-years in advance, with a completed application form and full payment.

If you are interested in booking our facility, the follow these steps:

  1. Contact:
    Conference Facilities and Building Manager
    3-25 Alberta School of Business
    University of Alberta
    Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2R6
    Phone: 780-492-1522
    Fax: 780-492-0444
  2. The Conference Facilities and Building Manager will then check if the date you are interested in is available and will discuss pricing of the rooms with the client.
  3. When an available date is selected, the Manager will tentatively hold the room(s) for the client and will send the client a formal Stollery Executive Development Centre Application Form and Policies and Procedures document.
  4. The client reads the documents, fills out the form, and signs the Policies and Procedures document, thus accepting all the terms and conditions of the agreement.
  5. The client sends the Application Form, Policies and Procedures, payment in full, and a diagram as to how they wish their room(s) to be set up back to the Manager for final approval. Invoicing is available upon request. Rooms are not confirmed until payment is received in full.
  6. Once final approval is given, and the booking has been paid, the Manager faxes the client a signed and dated copy of the Application Form to serve as confirmation for the client.

If the client needs to cancel their booking, the cancellation notice must be given in writing to the Conference Facilities and Building Manager a minimum of 15 calendar days prior to the date of the function for a full refund to be issued.

If technical assistance is required with a booking, it is advised that the client contact the Technical Resource Group, University of Alberta at 780-492-3923. Technical assistance is an additional charge as per their rates.