MBA Association

Governance Committee


The MBAA Governance Committee exists to standardize the operations of the MBAA.
Operations are divided into the internal and external functions:

  1. Internal operations focus on assisting the Executive Committee to understand the MBAA Constitution, providing assistance for appropriate governance of committee structures, and oversight on MBAA elections.
  2. External operations focus on ensuring that the MBAA is aligned with the strategic goals and objectives of the GSA and to represent the MBAA at GSA deliberations.


The Governance Committee shall have two Co-Chairs, appointed by the MBAA President for one year terms. The Co-Chairs will each manage one aspect of the Governance Committee primary functions (internal and external). The committee will be additionally comprised of at least two full or part-time voting members of the MBA student body. The President is an ex-officio member of the Governance Committee.


The Governance Committee is accountable to the MBAA President for fulfilling its mandate. It is accountable to the MBA student body for the fair and equitable oversight of MBAA elections, representation of the MBAA at meetings of the GSA, and keeping the Executive Committee appraised of pertinent information coming out of GSA meetings.


The full Governance Committee shall meet at least once annually. The Committee will arrange additional meetings as required to fulfil responsibilities.
  1. Internal Governance: Will meet at least once at the beginning of each Fall and Winter Election cycle to delegate responsibilities and ensure all requirements for elections are met (as outlined in the MBAA Constitution).
  2. External Governance: Responsible for attending all meetings of the GSA.


MBAA Constitution:
  1. The Governance Committee will remain the subject matter experts for the University of Alberta MBAA Constitution.
  2. Provide an orientation overview of the Constitution to newly elected Second Year Representatives.
  3. Members must be willing and able to provide consistent interpretations and explanations of the Constitution to students upon request.
  4. Amendments to the Constitution: 
    a) Recommend amendments to the Executive Committee for consideration (as needed).
    Draft amendments, distribute them to the student body, and bring them forward at a General Meeting for ratification. 
    Provide up to date Constitution to the Communications Committee to be made publicly available on the MBAA website, and submitted to the Director of Operations.

Election Procedures:

  1. Create an election schedule for the Fall First Year Representatives and the Winter Second Year Representatives (see MBAA Constitution for deadlines). 
  2. Work with the MBAA President and Communications Committee to communicate election processes and procedures with the MBA student body. 
  3. Chair the candidate speeches meeting prior to elections. 
  4. Collect list of voting members and ensure electronic ballots are distributed within the predetermined timeline. 
  5. View election results, ensure they are shared with the student body within the appropriate timeline, and be available to any voting member of the MBA student body that wishes to view election results. 
  6. Receive Appeals to the election process (see MBAA Constitution for appeal process requirements). 
  7. Manage by-elections when required
Policy & Procedures:

  1. Recommend to the Executive Committee appropriate policies and governance practices for the structure of MBAA committees. 
  2. Coordinate the compilation of manuals specific to events put on by other committees (case competitions, spring formal, MBA games etc.).
  3. Maintain archives for the MBAA (minutes, photos, articles, etc.).


1.Be a particpiating member of the Graduate Students Association.

2.Attend the monthly meetings of the GSA and report directly to the MBAA Executive any issues important to MBA graduate students.

3.Understand the governance, organization, and jurisdiction of FGSR and the GSA and help students and the MBAA Executive is any issue pertaining to these bodies.