MBA Association

First Year Rep – Finance


Anish Talwar

“I describe my style of working as dedicated, transparent and collaborative, which I believe is very important for the position of First Year Rep - Finance. Also, my past experience of managing the team budget and reimbursements for my group at the workplace, would prove to be useful for this position.”



Jenkens Leung

“I am an accountant (CPA, CMA) who is studying part time. We are all making a financial commitment to be in this program and should feel secure about how the money is being used. I believe the information should be available and transparent, but not overwhelming. Building trust. Vote Jenkens.” 



The First Year Representative Finance will:

  • Track budget targets in co-operation with the Director of Operations
  • Reconcile all MBAA expenses with the Director of Operations
  • Assist the Vice-President Finance with the responsibilities of that office

Select duties of the VP Finance include, but are not limited to:

  • Preparing the MBAA Budget
  • Managing all financial transactions of the MBAA
  • Facilitating funding requests for student initiatives and programs as approved by the Executive
  • Overseeing the spending of all clubs and committees recognized by the MBAA