Who We Are

MBAA 2018


Executive Team

President - Meghna Srivastava

Meghna is an enthusiastic, full-time MBA student who wants to foster an open environment and enable a healthy transfer of ideas among the students of the MBA cohort. She loves learning new skills, meeting new people, playing with pets, and traveling around the city over the weekend.

Meghna completed a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology followed by four years in software development and consulting. As an enterprise application specialist with project management skills, Meghna is now pursuing her MBA to expand her business acumen and work towards management consulting.

In her role as the MBA Association President, Meghna appreciates having the capacity to work with both MBA Office and the students. As a leader, she is always listening to different perspectives on campus and is actively working towards bringing about those changes to the program. She enjoys working with everyone and she is confident that she can use her experience and skills to create a fun yet rewarding experience for the students

Email: meghna@ualberta.ca


VP Finance - Nicole Baich

Nicole is an ambitious, approachable MBA student. She enjoys learning and the challenges of trying new things. Taking on “stretch assignments”, attending events hosted by the MBAA or MBA Office and meeting new people are some of the highlights from her first year in the MBA program.

As VP Finance, Nicole ensures that treasury duties are carried out responsibly and in a way that benefits the MBAA and student body. Specific goals include collaboration, creativity, transparency, accuracy and timeliness. Nicole brings extensive knowledge and skills to this role. She is an accountant (CPA, CMA) with many years of experience in a variety of industries including oil & gas services, construction, retail, real estate and public accounting practice.

Never one to sit still for long, Nicole has a myriad of hobbies and maintains an active lifestyle. She is an avid runner and loves being outdoors. She also looks forward to spending time with loved ones and is fortunate to have many friends and family nearby.

Email: mbaafin@ualberta.ca


VP Internal - Nolan Trach

Nolan is a friendly, passionate, and fun full time MBA student who is always happy to connect with others. After completing his Bachelor of Commerce in International Business at the University of Calgary, Nolan worked in food and beverage, banking, and as an emcee for Calgary boxing events. He loves travelling, writing, watching Oilers games, and is always excited to spend time with his classmates.

During his time in the MBA Nolan has participated as a team lead in Net Impact, has competed in multiple case competitions, attended the MBA Games, and was part of the Social and People and Culture Committees.

As Vice President Internal, Nolan will help bring students together in fun, and engaging environments. He hopes to assist each student in expanding their networks and having a great time outside of class.

Email: ntrach@ualberta.ca


VP External - Kristopher Banner

Kristopher is a Part-Time MBA student who is enthusiastic about engaging the student body and helping deliver the best experience possible. If you run into Kristopher on campus chances are he is going to ask you if you are going to upcoming events or if you have any plans of getting involved with the Association.

Kristopher graduated from the Engineering program at the University of Alberta. For the past eight years Kristopher has been working in the booming construction industry of Edmonton as a project manager for general contractors and developers. His latest venture finds him working on ICE District representing the ownership team delivery one of the biggest developments in North America.

In his role as VP External, Kristopher strives to constantly improve the quality of experience for his peers by working with students, faculty, and external parties to provide opportunities for networking and personal and professional development.

Email: kbanner@ualberta.ca


VP International - Shubham Vashist

Shubham is an enthusiastic and approachable full-time MBA student. Prior to the MBA Program, Shubham earned a Bachelors in Nautical Technology and has worked as a Naval Officer in the Supply Chain industry for six years.

Having worked in 26 countries around the world, he has gained extensive experience of cultural diversity and does understand the importance of smooth cultural transition. Shubham hopes to utilize his experience to foster cultural bonding among the MBA cohort. As an avid believer in the principles and practices of ‘kaizen’ (the process of continuous improvement), he intends to continuously improve the quality of experience for the MBA students.

Furthermore, he was a professional swimmer and even today his agility is visible through his involvement in sports, volunteering and community building activities. When you get a chance to meet Shubham, he will either test your knowledge on geography or ask you to sign up for the upcoming event.

Email: svashist@ualberta.ca


VP Professional Development - Phillip Perin

Phillip Perin is a full time MBA student with a focus in international business, prior to attending the MBA program Phillip was an artwork manager at an international cosmetics company in New Jersey. He is excited to be entering his second year at the MBA and is looking forward to empower and listen to every student who competes in case competitions this year.

Phillip was graduated from William Paterson University with a bachelors in marketing and music management and had the honor of interning at Columbia Records.

He looks forward to this next year, meeting any discussing case competitions with every student who asks.

Email: perin@ualberta.ca


VP Part-Time - Paul Edginton

Paul is a Fast Track Part Time MBA student who is excited to be representing the part-time student body. Paul graduated from the Alberta School of Business in 2006 and has spent time working in both the public (municipal government) and private (management consulting) industries. Paul is returning to the MBA program to strengthen his business acumen and expand his business network.

As the father of two young boys, Paul understands the demands of the MBA program coupled with a full-time job and busy family life. Paul’s goal as VP Part-Time is to better understand the part-time demographic and better tailor MBA services and student events so that everybody has an opportunity to participate.

When Paul isn’t at work, in class or at committee meetings, he likes to spend time with friends, family and kids. Paul gets energy from writing / playing music, exercising and mediating.

Email: edginton@ualberta.ca