The student-run investment program, the Program for Research and Investment Management Excellence (PRIME) manages a fund worth over C$1,700,000, focusing on the Canadian equity market. PRIME believes in the fundamental principle of proprietary investment management. Accordingly, PRIME was established to provide University of Alberta School of Business students with investment experience in an institutional setting. The program is a high quality practicum that combines traditional academic objectives with that of hands-on investment analysis and portfolio management.

The program consists of a select group of Bachelor of Commerce students who go through a competitive screening process for admission into the two year PRIME program. The current PRIME team is composed of nine managers (8-10 admitted each year) that showed themselves to be the most qualified and academically capable of meeting the program's challenging objectives.

The University of Alberta School of Business is an award winning program. It has earned more 3M Teaching Awards than any other business school in Canada. Admission into the University of Alberta Bachelor of Commerce program is competitive. Historically, the average GPA of entrants has been 3.3 or higher. At the end of this school year in April 2019, nine of the nineteen PRIME students will be graduating and will subsequently be joining the workforce. Several companies are consistent recruiters from the PRIME program, hiring PRIME members for both summer and full time employment. If you would like to discuss future opportunities with us feel free to contact us.