BDA Executive

The Business Doctoral Association includes an Executive Council formed by PhD Students elected from the 5 specializations within the PhD program. These positions are:

  • President: Kylie Heales
    • The President is responsible for the overall operation of the BDA. They act as the primary point of contact between the BDA and the PhD Office, the School of Business and outside organizations. They also sit on various committees as the PhD student representative.
  • VP Governance & Finance: Ailin Chen
    • The VP Governance & Finance oversees the maintenance of the BDA Constitution and the creation and management of the BDA budgets and accounts. They are also responsible for maintaining the meeting minutes and BDA archives, and will act as chair in the event that the President is unable to do so.
  • VP External & Communications: Jan Tang
    • The VP External & Communication manages the different communication channels the BDA has with its members. They also sit on the GSA committee as the primary representative of PhD Students within the School of Business and on other committees as the secondary representative alongside the President. They also maintain the relationship between the BDA and Student Group Services
  • VP Operations and Space: TBA
    • The VP Operations and Space oversees the management of PhD student spaces within the School of Business, including the Hotelling system in the study room and the "Fishbowl", and the assignment and use of carrels both within the School of Business and in the PhD House. They also ensure that spaces are effectively used and maintained.
  • VP Networking and Student Life: Niusha Safarpour
    • The VP Networking and Student Life organizes social events for the PhD students within the BDA and helps to provide networking opportunities to its members. They ensure that PhD students have a variety of different events that either cater to PhD students alone or provide opportunities to meet with other student organizations within the School of Business.
  • VP Professional Development: Maryam Zakeri Hosseinabadi
    • The VP Professional Development tends to the academic and professional aspects of the PhD experience. They are responsible for organizing or promoting events, such as the PhD students' Business Research Conference day, where PhD students can showcase their work or develop their skills.

updated June 25, 2020