Awards Gala Committee


The MBAA Gala Committee exists to plan and execute the MBA Gala Event at the end of the Winter Semester.


The Gala Committee shall have two Co-Chairs, appointed by the MBAA VP Finance for one year terms. The Co-Chairs must be appointed at the conclusion of the Gala event as event space availability must be secured within one month after the Gala event. The committee shall be comprised of at least two full or part time voting members of the MBA student body that is not graduating in the year the gala event occurs. The VP Finance (2nd Year) shall act as the MBAA Executive member representative reporting directly to the MBAA President.


The Gala Committee is accountable to the MBAA VP Finance for fulfilling its mandate. It is accountable to the MBA student body to ensure the seamless planning and execution of the Gala event at the conclusion of the winter semester.


Shruti Arora
Deanna Dow

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