MBA Association

Part Time Students Committee


The MBAA Part Time Committee exists to engage part time students providing activities and events for students to be involved in. We also encourage interaction with full-time peers through networking events and activities.


The Part Time Committee shall have one Chair, appointed by the VP Part Time for one-year terms. The committee will be additionally comprised of at least two part-time voting members of the MBA student body.


The Part Time Committee is accountable to the VP Part Time for fulfilling its mandate. It is accountable to the MBA student body for representing their interests.


The full Part Time Committee shall meet at least once monthly. The Committee will arrange additional meetings as required to plan events.


Part Time Committee Chair

  1. Plan all events
  2. Plan meetings and bring agenda (chair every meeting)
  3. Provide updates to and from VP Part time
  4. Work with VP on the budget
  5. Be part of Orientation
  6. Plan a calendar for all events for the year and break it down with the budget
  7. Send emails asking for help or delegating activities to the committee members.

Part Time Committee

  1. Work with the Committee Chair in the planning and promotion of all events.