MBA Association

Professional Development Committee




The purpose of the Professional Development Committee (PDC) is to ensure that students who participate in case competitions are given the support they need to succeed, in addition to seeking interesting opportunities to enrich the learning opportunities for MBA students.


The Professional Development Committee will have a chair (with the opportunity for co-chairs) and members


The Professional Development Committee is accountable to the MBAA VP of Professional Development in fulfilling its mandate. It is accountable to the MBA student body for representing the International student community.


The full Committee shall meet at least once a month. The Committee will arrange additional meetings as required to fulfill responsibilities.


Committee members will be responsible for ensuring that the internal case competitions are completed without issue.
Members will support the MBAA VP of Professional Development in preparing the case competition and facilitating the flow of the event.
Members will investigate educational opportunities that can be brought to the student body, via speakers or digitally.
Members will have the opportunity to work with the MBAA VP of Professional Development to produce small scale educational or informational modules for the student body.