Sports Committee


To create and promote sporting, health-related, and volunteer opportunities for the MBAA student body.


The Sports Committee shall have one or more Chairs, appointed by the MBAA VP Internal for a one year term. The Chair must be appointed after the MBA Association elections to provide a transition. The committee shall be comprised of at least two full or part time voting members of the MBA student body who are not graduating in the year. The VP Internal shall act as the MBAA Executive member representative reporting directly to the MBAA President.


The Sports Committee is accountable to the MBAA VP Internal for fulfilling its mandate. It is accountable to the MBA student body to ensure the seamless planning and execution of the Sporting events throughout the Fall and Winter semester.


- Select Committee members for Sports Committee

- Liaise with the MBAA, MBA Faculty Office, and External Stakeholders related to the events.

- Chair committee meetings

- Resolve conflicts with stakeholders

- Interview and select committee members

- Delegate tasks to the committee members

- Plans orientation sporting events on the Friday after MBA orientation

- Collaborates with social committee for sports and BBQ weekends

- Ensure intramurals are available to the MBAA student body, we have run 3 per semester


- Must be well organized and communicate well with others

- Able to deal with conflicts

- Must be flexible and available to all stakeholders

- Must hold meetings as required to plan monthly

- Collaborate with other Committees to promote events

- Be aware of the organizational structure of the MBAA


Able to take responsibility and handle tasks.

-Organize the MBA retreat at the end of orientation

- Perform tasks as required by the Co-Chairs

-Put on a healthy living talk and details about amenities available to students

-Ensure intramurals are available to the MBAA student body, we have run 3 per semester

-Gain enthusiasm and participation for intramurals and healthy lifestyle

-Put on 1 or 2 small sporting events over the year, difficult as every group does many events, always too much overlap


- Willingness to volunteer their time during the sports events

- Must be able to attend the Committee meetings

- Be aware of the organizational structure of the MBAA

- Must be able to perform tasks as required by the Co-chairs

- Must be willing to show initiative and lead organization of Events