Fall Term 2021

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Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated May 25, 2021


How can I tell if my course will be offered online or in-person?

The Fall 2021 and Winter 2022 course schedule is now available in Bear Tracks and indicates the location as ‘Main’ for in-person or ‘Online’. There are several registration guides available to walk students through changes resulting from the recent upgrade.

You can also visit the U of A's Fall 2021 Courses website to search for available online options. Some Business courses will combine online lectures with in-person labs/seminars (for example, ACCTG 311, BUS 201, FIN 301, SEM 310). Please review the course information in Bear Tracks and your course schedule carefully.

Within the MBA program, we expect that a significant majority (>95%) of our courses will only be offered through in-person delivery in Fall 2021. Unless otherwise noted (in both BearTracks and our MBA Fall 2021 Timetable), courses will be offered in-person.

Is it possible that course delivery will change during the semester?

As long as health and safety guidelines remain the same/are not reduced, your course delivery method will remain consistent throughout the term. If provincial health authorities require the university to stop in-person delivery, we would ensure a transition to remote delivery.

Can I take online and in-person courses that are scheduled at the same time?

If the online course is asynchronous and there are no time conflicts, you can register for both courses. If the online course is synchronous and is offered on a specific day and time, you will not be able to register for both courses.

General Questions

What will campus look like in the Fall?

We do not yet know the public health restrictions for September 2021 in Alberta; however, the university administration will continue to communicate with the university community as more information becomes available. Follow the University of Alberta’s COVID-19 updates and check Campus Life for the latest information about the 2021-22 academic year.

What technology do I need for online classes?

Please visit the IST website for information on technology for online learning for students.

We strongly emphasize the University of Alberta’s recommendation for Google Chrome with a webcam. Please refer to your course syllabi in the event of additional technical recommendations for remote learning. Instructors will contact students if any additional or specialized software is required for their course.

What happens if I can’t travel to Edmonton?

There are currently several requirements for travel into Canada during COVID-19. The most up-to-date information and guidance to international students is available through the Travel to Canada During COVID-19 website managed by our International Student Services group. Anyone currently outside of Canada is encouraged to read this and be aware of COVID-testing and quarantine upon arrival requirements.

We recommend any students currently living in Canada stay within the country to avoid potential border closures.

International students admitted for Fall 2021 with concerns are encouraged to reach out directly to their programs.

I want to take the Fall term off. Is this possible?

There are many things to consider if you want to take the Fall term off. This includes impact on awards or scholarships, study permits, student loans, course load requirements, course sequencing and course availability. If you have questions about taking a term off, please email your program directly. Include your university ID number so that we can give you information specific to your circumstance.

Will there be Co-op work terms in-person or online in the Fall?

Whether the Co-op placements are in-person or online will be determined by the employer and their return to the workplace timelines and processes. There is a chance we will see some return to in-person placements, but the employer should be informing us of this possibility well in advance. The Co-op office will be asking employers to make sure well in advance of hiring students what their expectations for work will be, online or in-person.

How will Student & Career Services be offered in the Fall?

The Undergraduate Program Office, Business Career Services and Co-op will continue to provide online services in the Fall and will transition to additional in-person services per public health guidelines. Updates will be communicated to students through various channels in addition to this website.

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