Winter Term 2021

Looking for information about the winter term? Find answers to your frequently asked questions and view course previews to help you start the term off right.

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Nervous about your courses? Don't be. Learn about some of our plans for delivering high-quality learning experiences and how our professors plan to connect and communicate with you in Winter 2021.

FIN 488/686: Data Science in Commodities and Finance
Philippe Cote

MARK 320: Consumer Behaviour
Sarah Moore

SMO 438/637: Managing Public, Not-for-Profit Organizations
Madeline Toubiana

SMO 488/686: Introduction to Indigenous Business
David Deephouse

SMO 488: Consulting for Sustainable Business Practices
Leo Wong

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5 Cool Classes to Warm Up Your Winter

BCom students can heat up their Winter Term schedule with these five invigorating classes.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I take Winter term courses that are scheduled at the same time?

No. You cannot register for courses which are scheduled at the same time.

Will any classes be held in-person in Winter 2021?

All undergraduate Business courses will be delivered remotely for Winter 2021. Some of our graduate-level classes will be offered in-person to support program completion and program progression while ensuring students' health and safety. View a list of in-person classes.

How can I tell if my course will be offered online or in-person?

In Bear Tracks, courses and course components with in-person delivery are shown within student registration. For remote delivery, the Location appears as remote. Courses with an in-person component have an updated Class Note to indicate that there is in-person content. For more information, visit the Office of the Registrar’s website.

I do not plan on living in Edmonton for the Winter term. Is there a possibility that halfway through the term courses will change to in-person delivery?

Course delivery for the Winter term will not change from what is listed on Bear Tracks. Remote delivery courses will be taught on-line for the entire term. For in-person courses, as long as health and safety guidelines remain the same/are not reduced, the course delivery method will remain consistent throughout the term. If provincial health authorities require the university to stop in-person delivery, the university is making plans to ensure that a transition to remote delivery would be as smooth as possible.

Will courses be offered by synchronous or asynchronous delivery?

Course delivery will depend on the course. Bachelor of Commerce students can find more information on the Winter 2021 Courses spreadsheet. MBA students can find delivery method details on our Winter 2021 MBA Timetable as it becomes available.

What happens if I live in a different time zone?

Courses offered synchronously may have lectures recorded to review later. Some courses will be taught asynchronously to allow for various time zones, which means although you have a "time" for class, you can access it at a time best suited to your schedule and time zone. Instructors will have specific details as to how their course will be taught and will share with students as they become available. If synchronous tests are on the syllabus, please contact your instructor.

When will I know details on what my online course will look like?

Instructors will have specific details as to how their course will be taught, and will share with students as they become available.

If a course from another faculty is offered in-person, do I have to attend in-person? Will there be a way to take the course online?

We know that there may be circumstances that prevent you from attending in-person. If this is your situation, please contact the course instructor to inquire if alternative arrangements can be made to allow you to complete the course outcomes.

General Questions

What grading scheme will be used in the Winter?

Courses will be graded using letter grades unless the course was previously CR/NC/F (for example, WKEXP). All GPAs will be calculated on the 4-point scale.

I want to take the Winter term off because I don’t want to take online courses. Is this possible?

There are many things to consider if you are wanting to take the Winter term off. This includes impact on awards or scholarships, study permits, student loans, course load requirements, course sequencing and course availability. If you have questions about taking the Winter term off, please email the Undergraduate Program Office at or book an advising appointment. MBA students should contact

What technology do I need for online classes?

Please visit the IST website for information on technology for remote learning for students.

Will the Business Building be open in the Fall term?

For in-person graduate classes, the Business building will be accessible through your active ONEcard during class times only. Students registered in in-person courses will receive email communication about building access and protocols directly from the Master’s Programs office.

As all undergraduate Business courses will be online, the Business Building will not be open to undergraduate students. Advising for students (both academic and career/coop) will be available online. Visit the Undergraduate Program Office and Business Career Services websites for more information.

Where can I find information about the changes made at the university for Winter 2021?

The U of A has a website on Campus Life at the U of A where you can find information on everything from virtual advising to computing requirements to online student services.

How can I access the library?

Please visit the U of A Library website for more information.

Will there be changes to tuition?

Tuition is essential to providing high-quality learning and research opportunities. For this reason, coupled with the reality that online delivery methods have the same - and in some cases higher - delivery costs, there are no plans to change tuition amounts for Winter 2021. You can view your tuition and fee assessment in Bear Tracks. There have been some changes to non-instructional fees.

Where can I find information for International Students?

Please visit the International Student Services (ISS) website. You can find information on study permits, self-quarantine, tuition and fees and services and supports for international students. Students intending on studying in Canada can obtain information on the Essential Travel Support Letter.

What will happen with the Co-op Program in Winter 2021?
The Co-op program is operating as per normal, with many employers hiring students to work remotely. Fall 2021 applications for the Co-op program will open in mid-February. All applications are submitted via CareerConnect. More information will be made available in January 2021. Any questions can be directed to
How can I participate in a case competition if classes are online?

The Alberta School of Business student clubs hosts numerous case competitions throughout the year that are open to all undergraduate students. Each club will have details about how you will participate in their online competition as there is no standard format for online competitions.

Winter 2021 Course Delivery Information

Find information on your Winter courses, including whether they will be synchronous or asynchronous, the required technology, and notes from your instructors.

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