Camp fYrefly, which began in 2004, is an educational, social, and personal learning retreat for sexual and gender minority (2SLGBTQ+) and allied youth. It focuses on building and nurturing their leadership potential and personal resiliency in an effort to help them learn how to make significant contributions to their own lives and to their schools, home/group-home environments, and communities. The Camp is designed for lesbian, gay. bissexual, trans, genderqueer, non-binary, two-spirit, queer, questioning, pansexual, asexual, and allied youth between the ages of 14 and 24.

Participating in Camp fYrefly is a powerful and unique experience, which focuses on developing leadership qualities through activities that challenge youth to explore their identity, build resilience, and enhance self- and social-esteem. Camp fYrefly would like each youth participant to be able to return home with a "resilient mindset" and a support network of positive friendships, trusted adult mentors, and an empowered sense of self. The Camp is designed to help motivate participants to become leaders in their own communities, thereby passing on their leadership skills to the youth that come after them.

Why fYrefly?

fYrefly is an acronym which stands for fostering, Youth, resilience, energy, fun, leadership, yeah!

The firefly serves as an important metaphor for the Camp fYrefly program, because fireflies, like youth at Camp, reach adulthood through metamorphosis. For many of our fYrefly youth, this metamorphosis starts by finding a supportive community in which they can be themselves.

Fireflies are the only insect in the world that produces its own energy. This is perhaps the most important metaphor at Camp fYrefly. We believe that it is our job to help provide youth with the tools, resources, and supports necessary to help them keep their own inner light shinning bright during dark times.

Tell us about your favourite firefly/fYrefly story!