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Adult Volunteer Application

Applying to Attend Camp fYrefly as an Adult Volunteer 

Welcome to the first step in applying to join us at Camp fYrefly! 

Camp fYrefly for Southern Alberta: June 29th–July 2nd
Camp fYrefly for Northern Alberta:  July 18th– July 21st

Camp fYrefly Ontario: July 10 - July 14th 

Camp fYrefly Saskatchewan: August 15 - August 18th


Applications are now open for Camp fYrefly Alberta North and South, Camp fYrefly Ontario and Camp fYrefly Saskatchewan. 


What does it take to be a successful adult volunteer?

To be an adult volunteer at Camp fYrefly you must be 25 years or older prior to the beginning of Camp. It is also preferred that you have had previous experience working with youth. Adult Volunteers serve a very special role at Camp fYrefly as intergenerational role models and positive resources for both Youth Leaders and Campers. 

We invite our volunteer applicants to reflect on their readiness to be part of the camp environment and the experience of mentoring LGBTQ2S+ youth. Camp is a space of fun and excitement, of curiosity and introspection. It is also a space for emotional reflection, processing and exploration of identity. Sometimes Adult Volunteers will find themselves in a quiet sharing circle, and other times in a loud and boisterous lodge. It is a rustic natural site, with dorm room style accommodations and bunk beds. Volunteer roles may involve guiding conversations in workshops, or singing around a campfire. You may find yourself supporting a camper through a challenging conversation about family rejection, or a celebration of the new pronoun they chose. 


The role of a volunteer is to allow campers to grow and learn in this space, to build community and have their physical, social and emotional needs met. In the past, volunteers have shared with us that they experience both joy and exhaustion during the 4 days of camp. Due to the diverse responsibilities of this role, an ideal candidate will be able to multi-task, prioritize their own needs as well as the needs of others and have the supports and skills available to process their own feelings as they arise at camp. Camp fYrefly volunteers create space for youth voices and opportunities for youth to excel. 


With this in mind, your role will involve many important informal mentoring opportunities with the youth at Camp. To support you in this important role, we will provide you with comprehensive pre-camp training opportunities to help develop your leadership, facilitation, supervision, and mentoring skills. This pre-camp training is mandatory.


Southern Alberta Training will be:

  • June 1st and June 8th

Northern Alberta Training will be: 

  • July 6th and July 7th 

Camp fYrefly Ontariowill be: 

  • July 8th - July 9th 

Also mandatory is completion of Volunteer Waiver/Criminal Record/Child Welfare Intervention Record Check forms. As recognition of your commitment, Adult Volunteers will receive a sliding scale honorarium of $0-$250, depending on need.

What Types of Adult Volunteer Roles Are There?

Adult Volunteer


Adult Volunteers play a key role at Camp fYrefly. Acting as a resource for both Youth Leaders and campers, they help to enhance the Camp fYrefly experience and serve to open-up spaces for informal education and intergenerational role modeling. Volunteers are there to support and provide guidance at Pod meetings, meals, special events, workshops and free time to build relationships and mentor Youth Leaders and campers. Many Adult Volunteers also choose to run programming and workshops of their own, or lead activities during free-time blocks. 


Adult Team Lead 


The role of the Adult Volunteer Team Lead will be focussed on mentoring and guiding the Adult Volunteer team, offering help with activities and debriefs, leading meetings and organizing the pre-camp training for Adult Volunteers. Pre-camp duties include liaising with the Camp Coordinator to plan and provide the pre-camp training and providing support to the Adult Volunteer team leading up to camp. Adult Volunteer Team Leads provide approximately 12 hours of work prior to camp and camp training and will be compensated with a $500.00 honorarium. To apply to be the Adult Volunteer Team Lead, please select “Adult Volunteer Team Lead” as a role in your application forms, you will also be asked an additional question about what motivates you to apply for the role of Team Lead.


Health Team Volunteer 


The Health Team at Camp fYrefly supports the medication, first-aid and general health needs of participants at Camp fYrefly. From addressing bug bites to medication management, the team provides care to participants throughout camp. 2-3 medical team members will be in Pod groups, with a Health Team Lead supporting them throughout camp. Medical Team members can come from a variety of backgrounds, including medical doctors, registered nurses, EMRs, paramedics and other health professionals. 


Health Team Lead 


The role of the Health Team Lead will be to support with health, medical and safety considerations of camp participants before and during camp. Pre-camp duties include helping with the re-stock of medical supplies, organizing the medical binder for medication management and leading volunteers through a Health Team training during camp training. Health Team Leads provide approximately 12 hours of work prior to camp and camp training and will be compensated with a $500.00 honorarium. To apply to be the Health Team Lead, please select “Health Team Lead” as a role in your application forms, you will also be asked an additional question about what motivates you to apply for the role of Team Lead.


Mental Health Team Volunteer 


The Mental Health Team at Camp fYrefly supports the mental health and wellbeing of participants at Camp fYrefly. Mental health volunteers are available to help campers navigate challenges they are going through and to direct them to relevant resources in their local community. 5-6 medical team members will be in Pod groups, with a Mental Health Team Lead supporting them throughout camp. Mental Health team members can come from a variety of backgrounds, including social workers, psychologists, counsellors, youth support workers and other mental health professionals. 

How do I apply to be an Adult Volunteer?

You will be asked to answer the following questions in your application. Please complete these questions in advance, and copy and paste your answers into the form:

  1. Tell us about yourself and why you want to volunteer at Camp fYrefly? How would this role fit into specific goals you have?
  2. Please list any life/volunteer/work experience that applies to this role (consider certifications, training, youth engagement, activism, artistic experience, involvement with groups, etc.).
  3. Describe two or three practices that are important when mentoring LGBTQ2S+ youth who have diverse, intersecting identities at Camp fYrefly.
  4. At Camp fYrefly we are committed to working towards social justice as a community of campers and volunteers. How does volunteering at camp fit within your values about social justice?
  5. If you volunteered at camp before, please tell us how coming back to camp will help you reach your goals. What skills and support can you offer to new volunteers? If not, please skip this question.

Camp fYrefly is committed to diversity and representation within our camper and volunteer teams. We especially welcome applications from queer individuals of colour, two-spirit and/or indigenous people, people with disabilities and trans-feminine people.

Applications Now Open!

Please use the following links to access the applications.


Camp fYrefly Calgary (Southern Alberta)
Deadline: CLOSED

Camp fYrefly Edmonton (Northern Alberta) 
Deadline: CLOSED 

Camp fYrefly Ontario 
Deadline: CLOSED 

Camp fYrefly Saskatchewan 
Saskatchewan Adult Volunteer Application