Camp fYrefly Community Guidelines

We have established a few basic ground rules to ensure Camp fYrefly is a safer, inclusive, and respectful environment for all Youth Participants, Youth Leaders, Adult Mentors, and staff:

  • There is no place for oppressive or discriminatory behavior at camp. We treat others with dignity, empathy and respect. Harmful language and behaviour on the basis of gender identity, sexual orientation, race, class, ability, size, age, culture and religion will not be tolerated at camp.

  • The opportunity to attend camp and take part in the camp community is for many, a once in a lifetime opportunity. We stay present and participate in our community by leaving our phones off or put away during the day. As we recognize access to a phone is important for many of our participants, there will be designated times to use your phone, including in cabin spaces during evening and mornings.

  • If participants choose to smoke at camp, they are asked to only smoke in the designated smoking area during slotted times.

  • We take responsibility for our own health and wellness, which includes adequate sleep and nourishment.

  • Staying on the camp grounds throughout the course of the 4-days, except in emergency and/or special circumstances.

  • Remaining in the Camp facility at all times for the duration of the program, unless for a scheduled field trip or in the case on an emergency.

  • Being in the building by the 11:00pm curfew.

  • Respecting the facility equipment and property - including cleaning up after ourselves after meals and activities.

  • Wearing proper indoor and outdoor footwear and clothing.

  • Eating food only in the designated areas.

  • Not bringing any foods containing peanuts on the premises.

  • Camp is a sober environment that is drug and alcohol free. If anyone has questions or needs support with this, they are encouraged to speak with the Counselling Team or the Camp Coordinator.

  • The focus at Camp fYrefly is on building friendship and community. While we recognize that people may form close connections at camp, during the four days we ask all participants, including volunteers, to set aside dating and romantic relationships until after camp.