Electronics policy

Camp fYrefly provides a safe and inclusive environment for Camp attendees, building a community that allows them develop their leadership potential and personal resiliency. Unlimited use of smart phones and other electronic devices on-site at Camp fYrefly is a distraction that disrupts this community building process and interferes with opportunities for people to connect with others and participate at Camp.

Camp fYrefly is a place for you to connect with campers and volunteers in the real world and not the virtual world. We offer a large variety of activities throughout Camp to give everyone this opportunity. Therefore, we have developed a firm policy limiting the use of smart phones, and other electronics, during all camp programming including: workshops, field trips, pod time, meal times, and the talent showcase.

Smart phones and other electronic devices may only be used during scheduled free time and before bedtime in your room.

In the unlikely event of an emergency at Camp, Camp fYrefly staff will contact your emergency contact. In the event of an emergency outside of Camp, please contact the Camp Coordinator at 780.908.9453.

We appreciate your support of this policy. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please contact the Camp Coordinator.

By applying to attend Camp fYrefly, you agree to limit your use of smart phones and electronics to free time and in your room.

Please bring a watch and a camera if you use your phone for these purposes.

Information you need to know before you apply:

I have read all of the above and I am ready to apply to