Smoking Regulations

Camp fYrefly prides itself on promoting healthy life choices for youth. Smoking at Camp fYrefly is discouraged, and we ask all campers, youth leaders, and adult volunteers to consider going smoke-free during camp. However, if youth participants, with the full knowledge of their parents or guardians, choose to smoke during camp they must abide by the following Camp fYrefly smoking regulations:

  • Smoking only in designated smoking areas.
  • Only smoking during scheduled breaks. This includes all mealtimes, personal care time, and before bed. You may NOT smoke between or during workshops, pod time, or whole camp activities.
  • If you wish to smoke, you must be accompanied by an Adult Volunteer. An Adult Volunteer will monitor all smoking breaks.

The violation of any of these regulations may lead to the individual's removal from camp, at their own expense.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these regulations, please contact us directly ( or 780.492.4909).

By applying to Camp fYrefly, you agree to this smoking policy.

Information you need to know before you apply:

I have read all of the above and I am ready to apply to (APPLICATIONS ARE CLOSED FOR 2017 CAMPS)